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Martial Law

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Students, human rights activists condemn the Supreme Court for deciding favorably on F. Marcos...

Videos by KIMBERLIE NGABIT-QUITASOL Students, human rights activists condemn the Supreme Court for deciding favorably on the burial of the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos...

Only 79 Martial Law victims file claims in Baguio

By KIMBERLIE NGABIT-QUITASOL BAGUIO CITY — More than the reparation what survivors need is the recognition of their sacrifices especially those who laid down their...

Youthspeak: Move on? Mga buhay na karansan ng Martial Law (2/3)

Ayon sa kaniya, kaya marahil naahita ang mga sundalo ay dulot ng malakihang pagprotesta ng mga taga-San Antonio at Santa Isabel laban sa mga panginoong maylupa. Noong 1976, malala na ang mga pangangamkam ng lupa sa lugar. Ang mga tagaroon ay binabantaang umalis, sinisingil ng matataas na upa sa lupa at mababa ang pasahod sa mga manggagawang bukid. Gamit ang mga sundalo, nananakot ang mga hasyendero sa mga magsasaka na sila ay papaslangin at ikukulong kung ayaw magbayad o ibigay ang lupain nila.

From Under This Hat: The curtailment of press freedom during Martial Law

My story today is one of many acts during martial law to curtail the freedom of the press and attack the dignity of the press. It was against a most respected journalist who left local journalists more aware of safeguarding the people’s right to a free press. And the challenge to prevent the return of Martial Law, Never again!

Dakami Ti Umili: Reliving the horrors of ML

By JUDE BAGGO Last month, I participated in the facilitation for filing of the claims of Martial Law victims with the Human Rights Victims Claims...

Baguio vows to prevent comeback of Martial Law

BAGUIO CITY — Nostalgic was how Chancellor Raymund Rovillos of the University of the Philippines Baguio decribed his feeling during a forum against tyranny at the Saint Louis School on the 45th anniversary of the declartion of martial, September 21.

Torture scars

On August 31 this year, the Philippine Supreme Court asked several survivors of the Marcos regime to relate how they had been abused and maltreated by agents of that regime. This was in connection with the oral arguments being heard by the Court concerning the Duterte administration’s plan to allow the late dictator to be buried at the nation’s cemetery for soldiers and heroes.

Martial Law victims want new reparation law

Victims of Marcos' martial law and their relatives from Cagayan Valley trooped to the House of Representatives on Wednesday, November 14, to register their calls for the reopening of application for the recognition and indemnification of martial law victims.

Nabusisi a proseso ti claims iti Martial Law

BAGUIO CITY — Nakaad-adu ti saludsod iti Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board (HRVCB) manipud kadagiti biktima ti martial law. Nairuaren ti umuna a sangkapaset ti listaan ti 4,000 a claimants ngem nakaad-adu ti nabusisi unay sakbay nga ited ti HRVCB ti cash cards babaen ti Land Bank.

Another unrecognized martial law victim

TUMAUINI, Isabela — Lola Carmen Abenojar, who is now in her early 70s is one of the tens of thousands of victims of human rights violations during the Martial Law period.

As The Bamboos Sway: Marcos’ Martial Law, EDSA I & II (4/4)

By RUDY D. LIPORADA Last of four parts Click here for the third part Click here for second part Click here for the first part Prelude toward Martial Law...

Ilocandia Rumblings: Remembering Martial Law

My mother and father have not yet bumped into each other when Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law, so I can never claim firsthand experience on the matter. I rarely tell my friends that I grew up in family who are fervent Marcos loyalists (especially my mother’s side), usually from eaves dropping on their conversations regarding the benefits from the declaration – the order it brought, the supposed development, and many more. In high school, I even chose to be part of the group who favored the declaration of martial law during a classroom discussion on the issue. That classroom deliberation is the only instance that I can remember where it was deliberated on with a certain degree of importance. In school, martial law is usually discussed in passing without even giving judgment on its entirety or on its impact to the Filipino people during that period.



Hard life for the poor, tougher under lockdown

The poor are bearing most of the brunt of the COVID-19 health crisis. Without sufficient economic and social support, their hard life is becoming tougher each day under the lockdown.