Friday, April 10, 2020

2014 Cordillera Day Supplement

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MP dads to settle legal issues on Batangan System

BONTOC, Mountain Province — Another round of talks targeted at clarifying legalities in the implementation of the recognized Batangan Systems of Tadian, Besao and Sagada took place August 7th at the Sanggunian Panlalawigan Hall, here.

40 years of asserting distinct IP identity within the politics of national democracy

The story of the Cordillera people’s movement to overcome discrimination and pursue self determination as a distinct people is a remarkable experience in social change.

Bodong, a bilateral to multi-lateral agreement in defense of land against state-backed corporate interests

If there was a time in history that ignited Cordillera unity, it would be that period when the dictator Marcos planned to build the World Bank-funded Chico River Basin Hydroelectric Dam project.

Resist Imperialist Plunder of our Land and Resources! Assert our Right to Self...

Thirty-four years ago, Macliing Dulag died, in defense of the ili and the ancestral land from the Chico River Basin Hydroelectric Dam Project of the World Bank during the Marcos Dictatorship. It was a successful fight against imperialist plunder and a triumphant assertion of indigenous peoples’ self-determination.

Kalinga shines in struggle, save the homeland vs corporate plunder

Remember, our grandparents barricaded, lobbied, forged wider unity, sacrificed their lives and took arms to defend this land.

CPLA revisited

Fast forward to 2011, CPLA was supposedly transformed into a socio economic group through a Memo of Agreement with the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process. This should have terminated CPLA as it converted into the CFPD (Cordillera Formation for Peace and Development) which allegedly is a part of Oplan Bayanihan for counter-insurgency.



Hard life for the poor, tougher under lockdown

The poor are bearing most of the brunt of the COVID-19 health crisis. Without sufficient economic and social support, their hard life is becoming tougher each day under the lockdown.