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NORDIS anniversary greetings: Peter Puzon, advocate

Nordis is the one great hope for a free independent and aggressive press in Baguio and the Philippines (until I come up with mine).More...

NORDIS anniversary greetings: Marilou Guieb, Women’s Feature Service, Business Mirror Correspondent

Nordis is one community paper with stories where empathy for subject matter is perceptible and stories with a view from the ground. More power to...

NORDIS anniversary greetings: Rev. Fr. David B. Tabo-oy, Cathedral of the Resurrection

The truth shall set us free. Keep the torch of truth burning. Happy anniversary and for many years! #

Our masthead’s 17-year evolution

BAGUIO CITY (Oct. 7) -- Friends have been bugging us with some good-natured ribbing lately about the seemingly frequent change in how our masthead...

Writing for the grassroots

By MAURICE MALANES Try to scan and review any national or local newspaper and chances are its coverage is generally urban-centered. Many national...

Editorial: A wanton disregard for press freedom

The law on libel exists to protect private citizens from unwarranted damage to reputation, but in the Philippines libel has been predominantly used by...

Editorial Cartoon: 1 October 2006


Woman journalist survives attack

Woman journalist survives attack With presence of mind, will to resist BAGUIO CITY (Sept. 20) — With presence of mind and the will to resist, a...

Advocate's Overview: The other face of martial law

By ARTHUR L. ALLAD-IW September 21 this year is the 34th year since martial law was declared by then President Ferdinand Marcos. Those dark years...

Baguio Freelance Journalist Survives Attack

A woman journalist was attacked by a knife-wielding man while walking home at around 7:25 p.m. Sept. 19, along Barangay (village) Betag, La Trinidad...

Libel is no longer relevant — Sanidad

BAGUIO CITY (Sept.5) — Atty. Pablito Sanidad, national chairperson of the Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) told the Baguio media that libel is no...

Advocate's Overview: Freedom under siege (2)

By ARTHUR ALLAD-IW Arthur Allad-iw provides this column for the keynote speech of Vergel Santos delivered during the 5th Congress of the National Union of...



Rising above fear and repression for genuine agrarian reform

For many peasant leaders like Manong Tony, the struggle for land rights, higher farmgate price, and appropriate services have also become a struggle to rise above state violence and fear.