Sunday, February 23, 2020


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Cabinet, Baguio officials to meet for Baguio rehab

Top cabinet members of the Duterte government are set to meet with Baguio City officials to discuss the rehabilitation of the country’s Summer Capital and Pine City. Amid the looming restoration project, progressives reminded the city government to ensure that rights are respected, and measures address the people’s needs.

Campaign to increase tobacco harvest gains ground in Ilocos Sur

The campaign of the local governments in Ilocos Sur and NTA to convince farmers to return to tobacco cultivation to increase the volume of production and their RA 7171 share seems to be gaining ground.

Pilipinas, saan a nagnakem manipud kadagiti kamali

Saan a nagnakem dagiti opisial ti pagilian kasilpo iti epekto dagiti napalabas a paggannurutan ken linteg a naipatungpal para iti liberalisasion ti agrikultura.

NCIP warns Sadanga officials on denying IPMR seat

The National Commission on Indigenous Peoples in the Cordillera warned the local government of Sadanga, Mountain Province that it would not hesitate to file administrative, civil and criminal charges if the officials continue to deny the selected indigenous peoples’ mandatory representative to assume office.

“Thinning democratic space” alarms CHR

The Commission on Human Rights head in the Cordillera expressed alarm over the “thinning democratic space” aggravated by the institutionalized red-tagging of human rights defenders by the government.

The cost of incineration

Clearly, it will take a while for behavior modification among the citizens of Baguio to practice a lifestyle void of waste. But for what it is worth, a clean environment for the cool city of Pines already aggravated by construction and traffic congestion, it is a cost I am most willing to pay.

Gov’t urged to allocate sufficient resources for communal irrigation

The Center for Development Programs in the Cordillera (CDPC) urged the government to channel sufficient funds and efforts to rehabilitate and improve the “age-old and traditional” communal irrigation systems in the region. It also called authorities to develop and implement “water resource and irrigation policy and program guided by the principles of equity and social justice.”

Officials urged to use billions of excise tax share to alleviate the poor

The Solidarity of Peasants Against Exploitation (STOP Exploitation) urged local government officials in the Ilocos region to utilize their share from the tobacco excise tax to alleviate the economic standing of their poor constituents.

COA questions university investment in stocks

State auditors flagged a P2.53 million stock investment of the University of Northern Philippines (UNP) in Vigan City for violating the General Provisions of the General Appropriations Acts of 2007 and 2008 in their 2018 Annual Audit Report.

Groups warn of intensified militarization of IP lands, communities

The SANDUGO and Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) slammed the appointment of a former military official as the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) chairperson. The groups warned that indigenous peoples should brace for intensified military deployment in indigenous peoples’ lands with the appointment of Capuyan.

Sudden cut in IRA threatens Benguet province projects

Some programs and projects in Benguet might not be implemented with the sudden cut in their programmed budget for the year due to the recently released memorandum from the Department of Budget and Management informing the local government that about P17 million was deducted from the internal revenue allotment (IRA) of the province.

Court drops more than 600 individuals in DOJ terror list

A Manila court dropped more than 600 individuals the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) named in its petition to proscribe the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army as terrorist organizations.



Bistro a nangpabaro iti burger ken mangimpleo iti PWDs

Saanko a maikompara ti black burger ti Blaqk Street Bistro ta awan pay met ti sabali a naramanak a black burger. Ngem segun iti naramanak, naimas ti burger-da. Iti amin a naramanak a burger, daytoy laeng ti husto kaniak ti timpla ti patty-na, saan a naapgad.



Farmers say NTA, negligent and accountable for the low price of tobacco

Tobacco farmers criticize the National Tobacco Administration for its negligence to ensure the early resolution of the price deadlock during the Tripartite Conference in September 2019. They said the agency should be held accountable for the consistently low price of dried tobacco leaves.