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UPB launches Encyclopedia of Philippine Art, opens Kaledjo Shiyay 2

The University of the Philippines Baguio presented the Second edition of the “CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art.” The activity coincided with the art exhibit titled "Kaledjo Shiyay 2," featuring works by the alumni and current students of Certificate in Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts.

IP rights advocate slated for the International Conference on Cordillera Studies

Renowned IP, women's and environmental rights advocate Dr. Priscilla Settee is set to speak at the third International Conference on Cordillera Studies on July 8-10 this year. Call for papers is extended until February 25.

Cordillera indigenous recipes that nourished generations are now in a cook book

Food is gift that people should be thankful for and should share with family and in the indigenous culture, the milestones in a person’s lifetime are marked with ritual feasts shared with the community. Launched in Baguio City on March 26, the Heirloom Recipes of the Cordillera, is a compilation of 100 indigenous Cordillera recipes documented from the six provinces of the region. It has seven chapters: Rice, Roots, Vegetables, Fish Crabs And Snails, Meat, Preserves, and Drinks. It is a project of the Philippine Task Force for Indigenous Peoples and Partners for Indigenous Knowledge-Philippines.

Sagada proposed rehab requires consultation

Sagada Mayor James Pooten said he is open to the idea of temporarily closing the town to tourists for rehabilitation only if it passes through discussion and consultation among stakeholders.

Tingguians and Ilocanos of Abra celebrate Kalinawa Festival in Abra

Both Tingguians and Ilokanos of Abra manifested the spirit of solidarity and showed the rich culture of Abreños despite cultural diversity during the 3rd Division Kalinawa Festival organized by the Department of Education (DepEd).

Keeping alive the wisdom of Cordillera ancestors

TFIP and PIKP gave a sneak peek into the story book cum recipe book at the Talastasan Lecture Series of the University of the Philippines Baguio on November 17, 2018.



Bistro a nangpabaro iti burger ken mangimpleo iti PWDs

Saanko a maikompara ti black burger ti Blaqk Street Bistro ta awan pay met ti sabali a naramanak a black burger. Ngem segun iti naramanak, naimas ti burger-da. Iti amin a naramanak a burger, daytoy laeng ti husto kaniak ti timpla ti patty-na, saan a naapgad.



Farmers say NTA, negligent and accountable for the low price of tobacco

Tobacco farmers criticize the National Tobacco Administration for its negligence to ensure the early resolution of the price deadlock during the Tripartite Conference in September 2019. They said the agency should be held accountable for the consistently low price of dried tobacco leaves.