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The shady side of POGOs

Aside from the non-remittance of taxes, there has been alleged proliferation of prostitution and sex trafficking in connection with the POGO industry. Sex dens were recently raided by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) with POGO workers reportedly serving as the clientele.

Corpses again discovered in Benguet town

Tuba, Benguet, residents discovered three decomposing bodies in separate locations in the town, one of which police identified as a "notorious drug dealer".

Businessman cleared from Espino ambush

State prosecutors from the Department of Justice clear businessman Jewel Castro from being involved in the September 2019 ambush of former Pangasinan governor Amado Espino, Jr., on the merits of evidence.

Murder case filed against Imam’s assassin

The police filed a murder charges against the primary suspect more than a year after the killing of a Muslim cleric in Baguio City.

The Czar Robredo Challenge II

Vice President Leni Robredo got President Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte and his minions by the balls, proving further that Digong’s war on drugs is a sham. And she has the balls to carry on her mandate as Drug Czar in spite of obstacles barricaded on her way.

The Czar Robredo Challenge

"Whether or not Robredo gets the administrative and budgetary support, it is apparent that the Duterte camp would want her to fail. If she succeeds, Duterte and his ilk will be put to shame."

Death of Judge Bañez should inspire fight for justice – family

The family of murdered RTC Judge Mario Anacleto Bañez said his death should encourage more people to pursue truth and justice despite the risks.

Activists hold tribute for slain Ilocos judge

Activists from development institutions and people’s organizations gave a tribute to Judge Mario Anacleto Bañez, who was assassinated last week, for his "impartiality and justness" in handling the case filed against their colleague.

LODI asks Robredo to stop ‘disinformation’ surrounding drug war

Artists' and journalists' alliance LODI asks ICAD co-chair Vice President Leni Robredo to investigate 'disinformation' regarding the government's drug war, and provide full disclosure on its issues, as part of her agency's top priorities.

Eight bodies retrieved in Benguet ravine

Authorities recovered eight corpses dumped in a ravine along Marcos Highway in Sitio Poyopoy, Taloy Sur, Tuba in Benguet province.

Dormitorio camp wants airtight case against kin’s killers

The family of Darwin Dormitorio, the PMA cadet who died from torture inflicted by fellow trainees, said they are carefully studying with their lawyer the appropriate charge file against the suspects to ensure an airtight case.



Rising above fear and repression for genuine agrarian reform

For many peasant leaders like Manong Tony, the struggle for land rights, higher farmgate price, and appropriate services have also become a struggle to rise above state violence and fear.