Friday, February 28, 2020


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Includes crops, livestock, fisheries and support infrastructures like irrigation, storage and other post-harvest. Also included are agricultural policies such as land reform.

Farmers say NTA, negligent and accountable for the low price of tobacco

Tobacco farmers criticize the National Tobacco Administration for its negligence to ensure the early resolution of the price deadlock during the Tripartite Conference in September 2019. They said the agency should be held accountable for the consistently low price of dried tobacco leaves.

Amid ASF spread, Ifugao closes doors while Benguet lifts ban on live pigs

With more reports of ASF infection in the Cordillera, the province of Ifugao imposed a ban on live pigs to prevent infecting its swine industry. Meanwhile, Benguet lifted its prohibition after implementing extensive measures, with officials noting that possible spread is under control.

Protektaran ken Suportaran ti Lokal a Produksyon ken Komersyo iti Bagas!

"Kasla saan a pagan-ano ti rehimen a Duterte ti masakbayan ti rice industry ditoy Pilipinas ta ipaidam na ti proteksyon ken suporta kadagiti prodyuser ti irik, kasta met kadagiti konsyumer ti bagas."

Benguet orders lockdown to contain ASF

Due to samples from suspected infected pigs testing positive for African Swine Fever, Benguet Governor Melchor Diclas issued EO 2020-010, placing a temporary lockdown on the entry of live pigs in the province.

BLISTT officials told to be mindful of statements

BLISTT officials were reminded to be sensitive and mindful of making statements about other local governments following a statement made by Baguio City Benjamin Magalong insinuating that strawberry farmers are utilizing water from the polluted Balili River to irrigate their crop.

Group hits biosafety permit for Golden Rice, says China railroaded approval

An international coalition of small crop producers and non-government organizations criticized the Philippine government for allowing the direct use of Golden Rice for food, animal feed and processing. The group also raised the possibility that China railroaded the approval, noting that ChemChina-Syngenta is the owner of the crop’s patent.

Campaign to increase tobacco harvest gains ground in Ilocos Sur

The campaign of the local governments in Ilocos Sur and NTA to convince farmers to return to tobacco cultivation to increase the volume of production and their RA 7171 share seems to be gaining ground.

The greater good and the NPAs

Once again, the CPP-NPA will be blamed for causing the social and economic ills of the Philippines. The government will brush away that the precipitating reason this time is that there were those in the government who evolved the Rice Tariffication Law.

RCEF saan a makasalaknib kadagiti mannalon

Iti laksid ti panangipangas kadagiti proteksion ken nailatang a pondo tapno salakniban ti lokal nga industria ti bagas, makumikom ti gobierno nga agbirok iti wagas tapno makaluban dagiti negatibo nga epekto ti Rice Trade Liberalization Law.

Pilipinas, saan a nagnakem manipud kadagiti kamali

Saan a nagnakem dagiti opisial ti pagilian kasilpo iti epekto dagiti napalabas a paggannurutan ken linteg a naipatungpal para iti liberalisasion ti agrikultura.

Addang ti LGU iti RTL maapresiar, ngem saan nga umanay – Stop Exploitation

Inapresiar ti Solidarity of Peasants Against Exploitation dagiti addang ken plano ti Probinsial a Gobierno ti Ilocos Sur ken dadduma pay a probinsia tapno mapalag-an ti epekto ti panagsuek ti presio ti irik nga isilsilpo dagiti mannalon iti Rice Trade Liberalization Law.

Insensitibo ni Villar iti panagrigrigat gapu iti RTL – mannalon

Inawagan dagiti mannalon Cagayan Valley nga “insensitibo” ni Senator Cynthia Villar gapu ta imbagana a “peke a damag” ti report a ti presio ti irik ket bimmaba iti P8-10.00.



PREACHING DANGEROUSLY | Clergies under threat for advocating human rights and environmental protection

In Northern Philippines,the red-tagging frenzy of the Duterte administration has transformed ordinary days into hellish experiences for members of the clergy advocating environmental protection and respect of human rights.