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Food Aid for the Poor Now!

"By helping our farmers cope with the problems they face in selling their produce, we can also help alleviate the hunger and health risks that our predominantly poor population are experiencing."

Sudok: The state of Sagada burial caves

By MICHAEL UMAMING There are 109 coffins. Among them are five modern ones, three of which were already rotting. Of the olden coffins, three are...

From Under This Hat: Our very own dragon and Oriental community

By KATHLEEN T. OKUBO All twelve animals of the Oriental Zodiac asked, why can’t we plant together, nurture the farm and the forest together and...

Editorial: Tuition talks

Last year, according to the Philippine Schools Directory on-line, government has pegged tuition hikes to inflation. “For school year 2006-2007, colleges and universities can automatically...

Bandillo: On my inclusion in the DOJ list of terrorists

I condemn my inclusion in the so-called “terrorist” list submitted to the courts by the Department of Justice in a petition to have the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA) declared as “terrorists”. I learned of my inclusion in the list as I grieve for the passing of my dear mother who has yet to be laid in her final resting place.

Letters: Defend human rights defenders

By VERNIE YOCOGAN-DIANO EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR CORDILLERA WOMEN’S EDUCATION ACTION RESEARCH CENTER Recently, 28 individuals who are community leaders, volunteer development workers and local human rights defenders in...

Ang sanggol na isinilang sa dampa

Maniniwala ka ba kung sasabihin kong Sa ating pagdurusa’s may isang Sanggol na isinilang Sa isang maralitang dampa Upang iligtas sa pagdarahup ang sambayanan?

Statements: Warning: US-Aquino admin kills

By CIELO MARIE BAYSON Kabataan Partylist-Cordillera June 23, 2013 It is dangerous to live in times like these. Today, 11 million Filipinos are considered poor (defined as...

Weekly Reflections: Politics of service

By REV. LUNA DINGAYAN “Worship the Lord your God and serve only him!.” — Matthew 4:10 Third of four parts Click here for the second part Click here...

Crossroads: Election agenda

Since candidates’ fora are being conducted these days, maybe we can ask some questions of our candidates.

Daranudor ti Ilocandia: Salaudan ti aglawlaw, ilaban ti karbengan

Ti Hunyo ket naituding a bulan para iti aglawlaw (Environment Month), bayat a ti Hunyo 5 ket ramrabakan ti sangalubungan kas World Environment Day. Kapapatgan a lagipen iti panangrambak ti daytoy nga aldaw dagiti indibidwal a nangipaay ti panawen ken biag iti panangsaluad ti aglawlaw. Malaksid pay a rumbeng a maawatan iti tunggal indibidwal a ti panangsalaknib ti aglawlaw ket nairut a nakasilpo iti panangitandudo ti karbengan-tao ken panggimong nga hustisya.

Labor Watch: Updates on the ILO-Fact Finding Mission in the Philippines (2)

By ALDWIN QUITASOL On June 28, 2007, the KMU received the report of the ILO on Case No. 2528. Here are some of the points...