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Lockdown Mania: Why disaster refugees want to return to their homes ASAP

If I were on the ground with them (perhaps as a barangay captain or NGO supporter or community organizer), I would lead those who want to want to hold organized and well-planned visits to check/rescue/feed/retrieve what they left behind.

Disastrous disaster capitalism

What this is, in simple terms, is disaster capitalism: the commodification of crisis in order to generate greater profits. What others would call “supply and demand” is actually sellers preying on fear, anxiety, and sometimes even safety in order to generate profit.

How we weigh FPIC now, can rewrite history and endanger our future

Aside from streamlining the FPIC process, the government created these laws to stifle the voice of the IPs carved on the landmark legislation IPRA. The enactment of these legislation partially severed the arms of IPRA, which protects the IPs' rights of self-determination. In fact, through EVOS, EODB, and EICC, IPs have practically handed their rights over their ancestral domains to the government.

FPIC etiquette on IKSP

If IKSP is collective ownership, the better part of prudence is to consult the IPs as a single unit. Yes, this is a little bit tedious and burdensome, wherein it presupposes the conduct of consultations involving the entirety of IPs dwelling inside an Ancestral Domain. This process recognizes that IKSPs of the IPs exist to this day because of their collective efforts protected and nurtured their systems and traditions despite centuries of subjugation.

Let the history of injustice be the guide in construing IPRA

The declaration of Baguio as a Townsite Reservation is a mistake. If we allow the wisdom of the Native Title to bow down to such error, then we are institutionalizing an illness, thus eroding the very value of Social Justice ingrained in the curative law IPRA.

End Impunity, Free Expression!

So let those responsible for — or contemplating — violence against journalists, hear this loud and clear: long after the world’s attention may have moved on, you may think you have gotten away with murder. No. Those of us committed to fighting impunity are persistent. We do not give up. So you can never rest easy.

Searches and seizures in moving vehicles: The curious case of a young lad and...

The young lad and the elderly activist, being the subject of ridicule, threats and were tagged as liars by some social media netizens, should call on this Government Media outfit and some of their bashers, to surface their source - Mr. Danny Balweg, or for the latter to surface himself and present to the world that he is not a troll intended to mislead or distort the truth presented by the young lad.

The true Igorot is the politicized Igorot

We were politicized the moment we acquired this "Igorot consciousness," our collective social knowledge which drives us to take pride in being an Igorot, to defend our ancestral domain, and struggle for our right to self-determination. As early as the Spanish colonial era, Igorot consciousness took shape in our forefathers' armed resistance against the Spanish military and missionaries. In the early post-colonial years, Igorot students studying in Baguio City and Metro Manila formed organizations such as the BIBAK (Benguet-Ifugao-Bontok-Apayao- Kalinga) Association as an expression of indigenous pride. Under Martial Law, the Cordillera region became a battleground for indigenous people's rights during the anti-Cellophil and anti-Chico Dam struggles.

Communicators know better

It is unfair to demand from the information officers of government agencies to tread on the road of accusing long-established people’s organizations of being terrorists or abetting terrorist activities. This puts the credibility of the personnel and office at risk, not to mention possible legal actions especially when the presenter failed to provide evidences that can stand in court nor a copy of their presentation.

The canal cannot rise above the septic tank; EO 30 versus RA 8371

It should be borne in mind that the same is just a directive of the executive through the President and should not rise above the Republic Act 8371 giving due rights to IPs to FPIC. The latter being an act of congress should not bow down to the whims of the former.

COMMENTARY | Bayanihan as the soul of the new charter

The most familiar illustration of bayanihan is the image of a bahay-kubo being carried by the community. However, I think a more authentic representation would be the Banaue Rice Terraces. This wonder of the world is testament to a community singular in its goal to thrive. No individual can lay claim to this utter mastery of the mountains. Indeed, it is incontrovertible proof of the power of collective action.

COMMENTARY | When they betray the people who trust them

By ALDWIN QUITASOL www.nordis.net Every election, the voting populace especially the poor are eager to see how their candidates, whom they believe to be the least...



Kabataang Makabayan: The youth of yesterday and today

Author and First Quarter Storm activist Rudy Liporada shares his introduction to, and experiences as a member of, Kabataang Makabayan in the Martial Law era, as he parallels their motivations with the current political climate in the Philippines.



Groups call for justice on NDFP consultant’s 1st death anniversary

Progressive groups in Cagayan Valley and Baguio City commemorated the first death anniversary of slain National Democratic Front of the Philippines consultant Randy Malayao.

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