Tuesday, March 31, 2020


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Gospel of Life’s Rising in the Valley of Dry Bones

"The exilic situation of prophet Ezekiel's Israel is not remote to our present planetary situation. We are as separated from our "common home", and as hopeless and lifeless as the exiled nation of our text, whence these words come as a timely gospel to us in our situation."

Remembering my Mom and her Concoctions

"I firmly think that like all other moms, my mother, bless her soul, applied Vicks to all my maladies out of love. Like depicted on radio ads of old and TV ads later, she was the mom who wanted to alleviate my colds, my wounds and sores, headaches, fever, itches and whatever with Vicks VapoRub."

The Blame Game

"The typical Pinoy patient is more of a Pinoy than a patient - hindi pupunta sa iyo iyan hangga't maaari, hangga't kaya. This 'para-paraan' mentality transcends every aspect of our lives as citizens and as a nation."

Lessons from the 1990 Earthquake Response

"The pandemic is a global war on an invisible enemy. At times like this, it is vital to call upon technical people and specialists for assistance, and to listen to the people on the ground who are at the end of the incompetent response."

On the Death of more than a Bosom Friend

"I still can still see his fierce face and veins coursing his arms when he clenches his fist whenever he declaims his favorite poem during the earlier First Quarter Storm cultural presentations of urban activists."

Sensing God’s radical presence while a pandemic rages on

"The COVID-19 pandemic happens not in a vacuum but in a world afflicted by the virus of unloved and injustice and scandalous separation from one another."

On the Myths of the Strength of the AFP and the Imperialist Forces

By RUDY D. LIPORADAwww.nordis.net (Columnist’s Note: On the occasion of the 51st Year Anniversary of the New People’s...

Of Women and Lent

Celebrating International Women's Month in the church setting and the season of Lent calls us (1) to remember the passion of women in the Christ event, (2) to be repentant about our age-old attitude towards women and the woman question and (3) to revise the social order according to the social vision of the woman question.

Digong is Traitor, Enabler of the Fifth Column

"President Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte is a traitor, the enabler of the Chinese fifth column in the covert Chinese invasion of the Philippines. He must be stopped NOW!"

The Gathering Storms towards the Final Empire’s Fall

The shout is down with imperialism which controls our economy through the landlords as their cohorts who control the government. This relationship between them is the root cause of our underdevelopment, unemployment, poverty, and all maladies that befall the Philippines.

Nu Achim, Achim; Nu Madim, Madim

"With a number of relatives planning our itinerary based on what they thought we should see and do and how to go about doing so, many times we entered the syndrome of 'kung ayaw, maraming dahilan; kung gusto, maraming paraan'."

ONE BILLION RISING 2020 | Cordillera women, rise against political persecution and fascism!

"In their aspiration for a better world for the younger and unborn generations to inherit, they are activists for social change, just and lasting peace. They are selfless and worth emulating. There is nothing terroristic about their endeavors."



Tugon ng inaapi at gutom na mamamayan, #ProtestFromHome sa Lambak ng Cagayan

Tumugon ang Cagayan Valley sa pambansang panawagan na #ProtestFromHome at sa gitna ng malawakang lockdown ay pinatunayan ng ilang mamamayan na maraming paraan upang iparating ang mga hinaing at makatarungang kahilingan sa pamahalaan.