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Lockdown Mania: Why disaster refugees want to return to their homes ASAP

If I were on the ground with them (perhaps as a barangay captain or NGO supporter or community organizer), I would lead those who want to want to hold organized and well-planned visits to check/rescue/feed/retrieve what they left behind.

The Black Nazarene of Oxnard

By RUDY D. LIPORADA www.nordis.net It was not massive. It was not pandemonium bordering to chaotic. Nonetheless, the devotion of was there. Strong. For the largely Filipino-Hispanic...

Support ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal, defend press freedom

The People’s Alternative Media Network expressed full support to ABS-CBN’s renewal of franchise, which is set to expire in March.

Disastrous disaster capitalism

What this is, in simple terms, is disaster capitalism: the commodification of crisis in order to generate greater profits. What others would call “supply and demand” is actually sellers preying on fear, anxiety, and sometimes even safety in order to generate profit.

End of Star Wars and Philippine Revolution

"...The council conversation in Rogue ... permeates in circles of those questioning how rebellions all over the world will win against the powerful forces with superior arms of imperial countries. ... These movements were ignited by a core of committed individuals who only had hope that a just struggle is justified and will prevail."

Young Filipino revolutionaries: “We will continue it for them (CPP Pioneers)”

By RUDY D. LIPORADA www.nordis.net (Columnist’s Note: On the occasion of the Communist Party of the Philippines celebrating its 51st Year Anniversary last December 26, 2019,...

Ang sanggol na isinilang sa dampa

Maniniwala ka ba kung sasabihin kong Sa ating pagdurusa’s may isang Sanggol na isinilang Sa isang maralitang dampa Upang iligtas sa pagdarahup ang sambayanan?

How we weigh FPIC now, can rewrite history and endanger our future

Aside from streamlining the FPIC process, the government created these laws to stifle the voice of the IPs carved on the landmark legislation IPRA. The enactment of these legislation partially severed the arms of IPRA, which protects the IPs' rights of self-determination. In fact, through EVOS, EODB, and EICC, IPs have practically handed their rights over their ancestral domains to the government.

The vanishing Yuletide Season

In light of ‘Galunggong’, the poor man’s fish in the Philippines, is now being imported from China and has spiraled to Php300.00 ($6.00) per kilo apart from the continuing increase of prices of basic commodities in the country, I am posting an excerpt from my novel, Cordillera Red Rising. This is on Chapter 10 – circa early 1970s.

December 19 and the quest for justice

A decade has indeed passed but the conditions that led to the Ampatuan massacre remain: political dynasties and patronage are still alive, paramilitary groups have not been dismantled, and the Ampatuans’ collusion with the administration — Arroyo then and Duterte now — still persists.

A call to action to the young indigenous women of the Cordillera

In an authoritarian regime where systemic violation of our land rights and women’s rights are worsening, there is a grave need for us to learn from our history of resistance. When it comes to issues affecting our ancestral lands, it must be us, the indigenous youth, who should hold an unyielding desire to defend it.

The Christian making of a Kabataang Makabayan

And now, current Pope Francis is figuratively being crucified for his apparent left leaning views. In a recent interview with Italian newspaper La Republica, he was asked if his pursuit and support for a more egalitarian society meant he envisioned a “Marxist type of society.” The pontiff’s response: “If anything, it is the communists who think like Christians.”