Tuesday, February 25, 2020


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Bukas na liham para sa Martir ng Bayan

Finny, ika'y papalaot na. Makakapagpahinga ka na. Hayaan mong kami ang magpatuloy, sa kung ano mang paraan ang makakaya namin, ng iyong katapangan. Isang taas kamaong pagpupugay sa iyo, Finela "Ka Ricky" Mejia, martir ng bayan!

Protektaran ken Suportaran ti Lokal a Produksyon ken Komersyo iti Bagas!

"Kasla saan a pagan-ano ti rehimen a Duterte ti masakbayan ti rice industry ditoy Pilipinas ta ipaidam na ti proteksyon ken suporta kadagiti prodyuser ti irik, kasta met kadagiti konsyumer ti bagas."

Nu Achim, Achim; Nu Madim, Madim

"With a number of relatives planning our itinerary based on what they thought we should see and do and how to go about doing so, many times we entered the syndrome of 'kung ayaw, maraming dahilan; kung gusto, maraming paraan'."

ONE BILLION RISING 2020 | Cordillera women, rise against political persecution and fascism!

"In their aspiration for a better world for the younger and unborn generations to inherit, they are activists for social change, just and lasting peace. They are selfless and worth emulating. There is nothing terroristic about their endeavors."

Annie’s Journey: A Call to Action

"Annie’s story is a reflection of the current economic crisis in the country. Family members, especially the women and older siblings, are forced to sacrifice their personal dreams to help their family survive."

50 years later: The First Quarter Storm revisited

By REGINALD PATRICK J. FLORES www.nordis.net Fifty years ago, youth and student leaders all over the nation led a series of protests and mass demonstrations against...

On the PROCOR Command Journal red-tagging groups, and individuals as CFO personalities

By NUJP BAGUIO-BENGGUETwww.nordis.net The National Union of Journalists of the Philippine-Baguio Benguet condemns the inclusion of our colleague Sherwin...

First Quarter Storm and Two Baguio KMs

By RUDY D. LIPORADA www.nordis.net (Columnist's note: As the so called First Quarter Storm in the Philippines which signaled the initial huge mass movements against the...

Lockdown Mania: Why disaster refugees want to return to their homes ASAP

If I were on the ground with them (perhaps as a barangay captain or NGO supporter or community organizer), I would lead those who want to want to hold organized and well-planned visits to check/rescue/feed/retrieve what they left behind.

The Black Nazarene of Oxnard

Mexico and the Philippines were among the colonies of Spain. All the colonies of Spain during 15th to the 19th century was administered by the King of Spain through the Vice Royalty which was based in Mexico. “Thus,” said Fr. Daganta, “Filipinos and Mexicans have that common bind of being former colonials of Spain.”

Support ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal, defend press freedom

The People’s Alternative Media Network expressed full support to ABS-CBN’s renewal of franchise, which is set to expire in March.

Disastrous disaster capitalism

What this is, in simple terms, is disaster capitalism: the commodification of crisis in order to generate greater profits. What others would call “supply and demand” is actually sellers preying on fear, anxiety, and sometimes even safety in order to generate profit.