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The Czar Robredo Challenge

“Whether or not Robredo gets the administrative and budgetary support, it is apparent that the Duterte camp would want her to fail. If she succeeds, Duterte and his ilk will be put to shame.”

A Reflection on the Cordillera Women’s Human Rights Summit

“The land is where indigenous peoples are rooted. It is where they were born and raised, and it will be that which will embrace them when they will die. … That is why indigenous peoples struggle so much to protect their ancestral lands.”

Pagpapalalim sa Pagtutol sa Tiranya

“Ang desperadong hakbangin ng administrasyon ni Duterte ay patunay na sila ay nangangamba sa mga taong marunong magsalita at lumaban. Nasa tamang katuwiran ang pagsalungat at paglaban lalo na kapag ang gobyerno ay hindi na kumakatawan sa interes ng mamamayang kanyang dapat pagsilbihan.”

Aladdin, Jafar, Duterte and Freedom

“Aladdin, to me, became the face of all street rats in the Philippines who now endure the sufferings of the unfulfilled promises of Digong during his presidential campaign. Unable to thwart corruption with his minions at the helm, he has buried the Filipinos underneath trillions of pesos in debt without significant structures for progress.”

Altermidya to PNP: Stay away from our office

Altermidya Network, alarmed at the information regarding a warrant the PNP wants served in Quezon City’s IBON Building, where they hold office, warns the PNP to “stay away from our office”.

POOLED EDITORIAL | Community journalism is not a crime

Paghimutad was formed after the Sagay 9 massacre in response to the growing human rights violations in the island. Despite the culture of fear in Negros, Paghimutad and its volunteer community journalists courageously filled the void of information, publishing audio-visual reports through social media.

A meeting with Mona Pasquil Rogers

Naming more of her accomplishments, Rogers emphasized that she roots her journey from her parents and manongs and manangs mentoring on Filipino values as weaved into the mainstream American mix. “We should never forget where we came from and be proud of our heritage.”

October, Indigenous Peoples’ Month

In Baguio, that historical injustice committed particularly against an Igorot was heard and condemned by the US Supreme Court some 110 years ago. Check out the Doctrine of Native Title, a Supreme Court decision that has yet to see execution.

End Impunity, Free Expression!

So let those responsible for — or contemplating — violence against journalists, hear this loud and clear: long after the world’s attention may have moved on, you may think you have gotten away with murder. No. Those of us committed to fighting impunity are persistent. We do not give up. So you can never rest easy.

Rip Van Winkle and Filipinos’ Epochs

Most Filipinos are asleep just letting those in the government enrich themselves, never in the service of the Filipinos but just for themselves. And the last three years and ongoing, Filipinos are asleep to the prevailing situation under President Rodrigo Duterte’s regime.

Trolls and Duterte’s Promise of bringing OFWs Home

With the GDP of the Philippines steadily plummeting but the remittances increasing every year, one wonders who else the OFWs are providing for. One has to wonder how Digong could afford a jet that is worth billions – without any visible improvement in income generating industries in the Philippines.