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Braganza: CASER is treasonous? Wow!

Veteran GRP Peace Negotiator and former DAR Secretary Hernani Braganza denied allegations made by former military officials serving under the Duterte cabinet that the GRP Panel failed to consult other government agencies for the CASER draft and the document is “treasonous.”

NDFP: Esperon and Galvez out to sabotage talks by attacking CASER

NDFP says Esperon and Galvez intentionally muddle the NDFP’s unilateral draft version of the CASER with the negotiated and mutually agreed CASER that the peace talks will produce. They maliciously diminish and vilify the progress that the peace talks have made to sabotage this and give way to their narrow-minded hawkish militarism, the NDFP added.

Group hits biosafety permit for Golden Rice, says China railroaded approval

An international coalition of small crop producers and non-government organizations criticized the Philippine government for allowing the direct use of Golden Rice for food, animal feed and processing. The group also raised the possibility that China railroaded the approval, noting that ChemChina-Syngenta is the owner of the crop’s patent.

As ceasefire ends, Sison eyes more goodwill measures

CPP Founding Chairperson and NDFP Chief Political Consultant Joma Sison acknowledged that GRP and the revolutionary forces have generally upheld the reciprocal ceasefire during the holidays. He also noted the need to implement other goodwill measures to ensure the resumption of the peace negotiations this year.

Reciprocal unilateral ceasefire officially in effect

The NDFP Negotiating Panel said on Thursday, December 26, that the reciprocal unilateral ceasefire can now “proceed effectively” upon receiving the Philippine government’s orders to its armed forces to cease temporarily military its offensives against the NPA.

Reds, gov’t to observe holiday ceasefire

A holiday truce between the revolutionary forces and the government is expected to take effect on midnight of December 23 after both parties made their ceasefire announcements.

Teacher solon files Magna Carta for private school teachers

Assistant Minority Leader and ACT Teachers Representative France Castro filed House Bill 5783 or the Magna Carta for Private School Teachers that seeks to provide the same protection to private school teachers in terms of salaries, benefits, and working conditions like what has been provided to public school teachers.

Ampatuan Massacre promulgation of verdict will be broadcast live – SC

The High Court allowed two People’s Television cameras which other media outfits could hook into and limited number of reporters ho would not be allowed to bring their own cameras, smart phones and other video and audio recording equipment inside the courtroom.

Joma urges Duterte to undertake goodwill measures to revive talks

Goodwill measures from President Rodrigo Duterte may be the ticket for the Government of the Republic of the Philippines to successfully revive formal peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, Jose Maria Sison said.

PISTON slams DOTr “deception and blackmail” on PUV modernization

In a regional forum on PUV Modernization in Baguio City, PISTON slammed the Department of Transportation, saying the agency’s pronouncement to allow old jeepneys to ply their route beyond the June 30 deadline for the PUV Modernization Program is pure "deception and blackmail."

Gate-crashing general booed out of forum by his red-baiting victims

“This is a forum organized by MAT…Gen. Parlade has every platform that he can get, including mass media to spill his twisted lies. He is not welcome here…If he can be so kind and act like a gentleman and step out of this hall,” Bayan Chairperson Carol Araullo said.

NDFP expresses support to Pinoy athletes, urges SEAG mess probe

“The Filipino people should continue to support the Filipino athlete. Their outrage is directed at the evil Duterte-Cayetano combine,” the long-lasting underground publication said.



2019 TOP STORY | Stories of deaths that stole the headlines

Deaths of individuals that range from murder to freak accidents filled our pages last year. The deaths brought grief and anger, some of which influenced policies, events and institutions. Most of the incidents spurred calls for justice and reforms, and exposed the prevailing culture of impunity in the country.