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The Sagrada Familia (Ilocos Sur), one of the first adherents of the Iglesia Filipina...

Explore the history of Salcedo's Sagrada Familia, a religious movement in Bantay Kilang whose tale spans a century of faith in strife and is connected to significant figures in Philippine religious and political history.

2019 TOP STORY | Intensified attacks against democratic dissent

Stories of attacks against activists and people’s organizations ranging from red-tagging, filing of trumped-up charges, arrests, and murder filled our news site in 2019, demonstrating the worsening human rights situation in Northern Luzon.

Anthropologist June Prill-Brett’s award-winning book published anew

A new edition of renowned scholar June Prill-Brett's book, Tradition, and Transformation: Studies on Cordillera Indigenous Culture, has been released.

2019 TOP STORY | Stories of deaths that stole the headlines

Deaths of individuals that range from murder to freak accidents filled our pages last year. The deaths brought grief and anger, some of which influenced policies, events and institutions. Most of the incidents spurred calls for justice and reforms, and exposed the prevailing culture of impunity in the country.

2019 TOP STORY | FPIC violations and doubts on NCIP’s impartiality

FPIC violations by government agencies and private corporations, and NCIP’s questionable conduct in the implementation of its own FPIC guidelines were among last year’s top stories.

2019 TOP STORY | The Chico River Pump Irrigation Project

The Chico River Pump Irrigation Project (CRPIP) was among the top stories of 2019. Northern Dispatch (Nordis) covered the controversies and protests surrounding the China-funded flagship project under the Build, Build, Build program of the Duterte administration.

How the legal system is used to attack political dissenters

"The police and military have mastered the art of preparing false documents to justify the filing of fabricated charges."

Militarizing the civilian bureaucracy for suppressing dissent

The counterinsurgency policy is not only targeted against the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA) but against perceived supporters or any groups standing in the way of the administration’s political and economic interests.

How the US meddled with PH gov’t war versus its own people

With all its pretensions for peace and development, Duterte’s counterinsurgency is brutal to the core.

Human rights work as a vocation

“There were times when she thought of taking a break, but in the end, her heart stays with the masses that she serves.”

Campaign to increase tobacco harvest gains ground in Ilocos Sur

The campaign of the local governments in Ilocos Sur and NTA to convince farmers to return to tobacco cultivation to increase the volume of production and their RA 7171 share seems to be gaining ground.

Lam-ang: a story of leadership and self-realizations

Although the characters and the main parts of the stories remain familiar, the musical Lam-ang is a reimagination of the famed hero and his epic battles. The play showcases a Lam-ang who was thrust into leadership, unprepared and how it caused the loss of his sense of purpose, as well as the reason for his downfall.




‘Whose land is this? Constructing counter-narratives through maps’

In just under six months of fieldwork, we saw the extreme and terrifying change of landscape in the affected areas: hundreds of trees were felled, creeks dried, and mountains flattened; this, despite claims from the Philippine government that New Clark City is “environment-friendly.”

Pagtaengan wenno pagnaedan?


Bistro a nangpabaro iti burger ken mangimpleo iti PWDs

Saanko a maikompara ti black burger ti Blaqk Street Bistro ta awan pay met ti sabali a naramanak a black burger. Ngem segun iti naramanak, naimas ti burger-da. Iti amin a naramanak a burger, daytoy laeng ti husto kaniak ti timpla ti patty-na, saan a naapgad.

Sinalamagian nga aba