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Searches and seizures in moving vehicles: The curious case of a young lad and an elderly activist

The young lad and the elderly activist, being the subject of ridicule, threats and were tagged as liars by some social media netizens, should call on this Government Media outfit and some of their bashers, to surface their source – Mr. Danny Balweg, or for the latter to surface himself and present to the world that he is not a troll intended to mislead or distort the truth presented by the young lad.

Communicators know better

It is unfair to demand from the information officers of government agencies to tread on the road of accusing long-established people’s organizations of being terrorists or abetting terrorist activities. This puts the credibility of the personnel and office at risk, not to mention possible legal actions especially when the presenter failed to provide evidences that can stand in court nor a copy of their presentation.

COMMENTARY | Bayanihan as the soul of the new charter

The most familiar illustration of bayanihan is the image of a bahay-kubo being carried by the community. However, I think a more authentic representation would be the Banaue Rice Terraces. This wonder of the world is testament to a community singular in its goal to thrive. No individual can lay claim to this utter mastery of the mountains. Indeed, it is incontrovertible proof of the power of collective action.