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No casualties incurred in Sagada clash – NPA

The New People’s Army (NPA) Command in the Ilocos and Cordillera denied that its unit, responsible for the attack against government troops that left one soldier dead and another injured on September 26 in Sagada, Mountain Province, incurred casualties.

Pagtaengan wenno pagnaedan?

Adu dagiti mabuybuya iti telebisyon nga itsura ti urban poor iti Manila ngem para ken ni Dandan daytoy ti umuna a gundaway a makakita ti balay dagiti pudpudno a nakukurapay nga umili iti syudad. Dagiti barung-barung a naaramid babaen iti pinagsisilpo a sim (yero), karkarton ken no ania pay ti mabalin nga isilpo tapno maaramid laeng a pagnaedan.

Shades of Martial Law’s naked truth

The Marcoses were never tired or lazy and have always defended themselves. They also, unfortunately, still have a considerable following, and, with the fortune, they still have not returned to the coffers, still are able to oil political machinery that could corrupt officials to make decisions favorable for their whims and caprices.

AGAINST ALL ODDS | Why do Ilokano farmers stick with tobacco?

Ilocos farmers and tobacco have a long history but the things that keep them together despite the numerous difficulties are beyond sentimental. Farmers are chained to the crop by political and economic circumstances perpetuated by the deeply rooted social inequality in the Philippines.

NPA Abra downplays persona non grata declaration

New People’s Army guerillas in the province of Abra downplayed the persona non grata declaration of the Provincial Peace and Order Council stressing that it is bound to fail like other previous attempt of the government to destroy the communist-led armed revolution.

PMA Superintendent steps down over the death of cadet

Amid hazing allegations that resulted in the death of a Cadet 4th Class Darwin Dormitorio, the superintendent and the commandant of the Philippine Military Academy announced their resignation in a brief press conference on September 24.