About Us

nordis.net is the online version of Northern Dispatch Weekly (Nordis for short). Nordis is a weekly newspaper covering the three regions of Northern Luzon: Ilocos, Cordillera, and Cagayan Valley. The newspaper comes out every Sunday while the website is updated a few hours after.

We have been in continuous operation since our first issue as a regional weekly on Oct. 11, 2002 (Vol. 14 No. 1). Prior to this, we operated since September 1989 as a regional information agency, issuing weekly packets of news and feature articles.

Northern Media and Information Network, a SEC-registered non-government, non-profit organization, is the publisher of Nordis Weekly. We offer other services in the field of research, publishing, multimedia and web, skills training, and grassroots media advocacy.

NMIN aims to help develop media vehicles and media practitioners in Northern Luzon to acquire and to practice a strong grassroots orientation.

Editorial Board

Kimberlie Ngabit-Quitasol (Editor-In-Chief)
Sherwin De Vera (Managing Editor)
Ramon Balan-eg (Staff)
Brenda Dacpano (Staff)
Divine Peñaflor (Staff)
Candice Mangili (Staff)

Kathleen Okubo (Editorial Consultant)

Legal Counsel

Atty. Randy Baniaga G. Kinaud

For inquiries and submissions, please email to patnugot@nordis.net

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