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An open letter to the wife, family, and friends of Brandon Lee

AFP has the strongest motive. Years before the incident, Brandon and his colleagues were already in danger from frequent threats of the AFP. Threats directed against indigenous people’s rights defenders that continue their advocacy for the rights of the people of Ifugao.

Kin of Brandon Lee worries about his safety

The family of journalist and rights activist Brandon Lee expressed worries about his safety and the impartiality of the ongoing investigation. They also voiced disbelief on the military’s denial of its involvement in the shooting nor its claim of having a “harmonious relationship” with the victim.

Brandon Lee: State agents have the motive to harm IPM

In an interview in 2018, during the International Solidarity Mission in Ifugao, Bandon Lee made it clear that state agents and their minions are the only ones that have the motive to inflict harm to him and members of the Ifugao Peasant Movement. Meanwhile, the 5th Infantry Division and its 54th Infantry Division have recently made a statement calling the accusations of Brandon Lee’s colleagues on the military’s involvement in the shooting as “devoid of logic and factual basis”. Here is part of that interview.

Surveillance on shot Cordillera journalist continues

The Cordillera Human Rights Alliance reported that military personnel who introduced himself as George Malidow from Camp Henry Allen went to the hospital where Brandon Lee is being treated and asked for details of his situation.

Int’l community up vs vilification

BAGUIO CITY — On Easter Sunday, Brandon Lee with his family, friends and colleagues in the Philippines and United States had a seminar through the internet, or a “webinar”, to discuss the dangers he and his colleagues are now facing due to the vilification campaign launched against them by agents of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Phil. Army desecrates Ifugao dead


ASIPULO, Ifugao — Elements of the 54th IB desecrated the dead, disrespected pleas and violated indigenous traditions, and even harassed the owners of the house they occupied in sitio Numpaling, Namal, Asipulo, Ifugao.