BAGUIO CITY— The Commission on Election (Comelec) Baguio office will conduct a strategic off-line registration of voters to reach as many voters as possible.

Baguio City Election Officer John Paul Martin wants to kick off their off-site registration campaign at the city hall.

In an interview, he revealed that around 400 employees of the city hall inactive voters. He added that there are even employees who are not registered voters.

“Imagine, they are requiring the night market vendors and business owners to secure first voters certificates proving they are registered voters of Baguio, but they are not registered voters,” Martin said.

“Let us start in our own backyard, as government employees we should set an example,” the official added.

He recalled how he discovered the unregistered and inactive voters employed by the city. The matter came to attention when he was looking for a listing of indigenous people in the city to update the Comelec database.

“Unfortunately, the NCIP does not have a list, only an estimated percentage, so I went to the city hall,” Martin said.

According to him, some employees chose not to vote for fear of gaining the ire of winning politicians if they discover that they did not vote for them.

“I wonder how they came to that conclusion when even as the city election officer, I cannot know who you voted for,” Martin said.

“But it is not good to know that public servants campaigning for change are not registered and not voting,” he added.

Apart from the city hall, the election office in the city will prioritize high schools for the new voter’s registration and education.

Martin called on inactive voters to file for reactivation and for new voters to register.

Voters registration started on January 20 and will go on until September 30, 2021. # nordis.net

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