BAGUIO CITY — The local government is addressing the large garbage in tourist areas in the City of Pines by arresting individuals who fail to dispose of their trash correctly.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong gave the Baguio City Police Office a remote directive to catch litterers. The order came after he received reports of the tremendous amount of garbage scattered on the grounds of Burnham Park and other spots of the city.

The mayor is on official business trip abroad. He is set to return on the 31st of this month.

According to the City Public Information Office (PIO), Magalong took note of the lack of discipline and mindfulness in the disposal of trash in the city in the past days, especially during the tourist influx. This prompted the mayor to launch an aggressive anti-littering drive starting on December 28, 2019. He asked the police to check those who indiscriminately throw garbage.

Magalong also advised restaurants and business establishments in the city to observe the proper time to bring out their trash. He reminded them that the city would deal with violators accordingly.

“Our City is overwhelmed with trash this Holiday season; hence I am asking for your cooperation,” he appealed.

Baguio has an existing anti-littering ordinance. The mayor is also mulling for ordinances that would impose congestion and environmental fees to tourists.

Over the week, residents took their complaints on social media about the traffic and garbage caused by the massive tourist arrival in the city. Mainstream media also carried the trash and vehicle gridlock issue in their reports.

Meanwhile, the City Government issued a public advisory for more in the days to come.

“We appeal for your patience and understanding to whatever inconvenience that will up due to the influx of tourists to our city, ” according to the advisory.

On December 26, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) recorded over 7,000 cars crossed Kennon Road and an additional 25,000 through Marcos Highway on their way to Baguio. # nordis.net

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