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The Czar Robredo Challenge II


Vice President Leni Robredo got President Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte and his minions by the balls, proving further that Digong’s war on drugs is a sham. And she has the balls to carry on her mandate as Drug Czar in spite of obstacles barricaded on her way.

Less than a month after she assumed her being Czar, Digong threatened to fire her if she blurts away secrets that would endanger the state. Already, she has been kicked out of the cabinet again because there could be items that she might not be privy with.

What rattled the Duterte cabal started when Robredo requested for a list of drugs lords or High Value Targets (HVTs). In November 14, 2019, Robredo has asked agencies under the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD) to produce clear baseline data on the campaign against illegal drugs by the end of the year.

The reaction from the Duterte camp was fast and furious.

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) chief Aaron Aquino said there is no need for Robredo to obtain a list of high-value targets as she had reportedly requested. He said that he does not understand why she needs that kind of list. “We don’t agree to that because in the first place, she’s just a chairman of one committee. It is beyond her mandate to request for whatever list that I think has no purpose,” Aquino said.

In a radio interview, presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo insisted that access to documents with classified information is not within the scope of Robredo’s authority. “There are things that even us, members of the Cabinet, are not allowed to look into. These are classified information. Only the NICA (National Intelligence Coordinating Agency) director, secretary of national defense can because they handle security,” he said in a radio interview.

Earlier, DILG undersecretary Ricojudge Echiverri said, “What we are looking at is, is she really for real in helping us or looking into things that might be used against us? It’s just that this is a unique scenario where we invited an opposition to join.” He admitted that he has “mixed feelings” on the designation of Robredo as co-chairperson of the Interagency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD). Echiverri told “The Chiefs” on  Cignal TV’s One News that ICAD members have concerns on how to handle confidential information, especially those that involve public and national security, and how to share these with Robredo.

The moronic followers of Digong were in unison in towing the line of “there is no need for a list.”

However, anyone at the helm of an organization whether a manager of an office, a general in the field, or anyone who wants to achieve goals must have a baseline data of where to start defining goals and strategies.

“I myself has no copy of the list in my possession. What I am doing is I check it from time to time with my intelligence service and conduct workshops against these personalities!” Aquino had said belatedly.

So, no wonder the PDEA had made no advancements on the drug war. They have no list or a nowhere point to start. Tira bulag ika nga.

Robredo, on the other hand makes it clear why the ICAD needs the base line data.

Citing Executive Order 15 creating the ICAD, Robredo said on her radio show on Sunday that among the functions of the ICAD is to “ensure the effective conduct of anti-illegal drug operations and arrest of high-value drug personalities down to the street-level peddlers and users.”

She said it would be difficult to do this without the proper data.

“How do I ensure that when I don’t even know who these are? How can I ensure that the HVTs are being arrested if I don’t even know how many high-value targets there are? What is the status of efforts to go after the high-value targets? What information is available?”

Nonetheless, because Robredo had also been meeting with international entities to include the US Ambassador’s office and UN personalities who volunteered to give her a hand in her new mandate as Drug Czar, the issue became “not necessary list” but if she blurts confidential information to wrong sectors, she might be endangering the state. For this she was threatened to be fired by Duterte and kicked out of the cabinet.

Digong said that these meetings did not sit well with him and he does not actually trust Robredo.

To this, Robredo retorts “If they don’t trust me, why did they designate me?” Nonetheless, Robredo stands firm that she will work on assigned task with or without Digong’s trust nor being with the cabinet. This implies that she will do her mandated job even if the promised wholehearted support is not given her.

In doing so, it might be arduous, but the state the Robredo might be “endangering” might be those that are in the government itself including the ninja cops and those absolved in the $6M shabu that was sniffed by the Bureau of Customs episode. I could also be that we will really confirm that alleged Smartmatic senator Bong Go is the brother in law of drug lord Peter Lim who is married to former Cherry Go. There is also the “security risk” of us finding out that Aaron Aquino is allegedly also a friend of the Peter Lim. And of course, Bong Go is the dakilang alalay of Digong. We might also have Paulo Duterte forced to show his dragon triad tattoo on his back.

Apparently also, the senate is seriously pushing for charging retired general Oscar Agbayalde and his ninja cops for the reselling of drugs confiscated in Mexico, Pampangga. If this materializes, I believe it will just be a show.

The important matrix is the list.

If they don’t provide this and Digong eventually fires Robredo, alam na natin.

That is why Digong and his minions are now on the panic mode. After being surprised  that Robredo accepted the Czar post, they are now finding ways to get her out the way.

They are really close to being check mated. # nordis.net

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