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Englishized Dal-lit Moments



In this issue, I’ll try Dal-lit
Ilocano kind of writing,
four lines, each with eight syllables
to convey matters worth saying.

But I will write it in English,
so no need for words translating.
After all it is my column.
I can say, write on anything.

First, on issue of ninja cops.
Mayor Magalong exposed this,
dragged Police Chief Agbayalde
as involved with drug recyclists.

Now protected by Duterte
to squirm out of this drug mess,
Agbayalde says “let’s move on”
like nothing was ever amiss.

Magalong, now being afraid
for his family and his life.
Funny how one can tell the truth
and suffer this kind of strife.

Funnier that Digong first said
“Two generals involved with drugs.”
Then, Oooops! Two corporals pala.
Cleared Gen. Agbayalde from flaks.

Wondering now what had happened
to Digong’s eight point five budget,
that’s billions for intelligence
that truth on drugs he could not get.

For this budget he had to cut
from other people’s services
like for education and health
just to fulfill his whims, his wishes.

Like having jets that are billions
for himself and his VIPs;
such luxury when the people
do not have even enough jeeps

Lawmakers allot themselves pork,
largest portions for their pockets
while people suffer high prices,
have nothing enough for their lips.

And Mocha paid with six digits
while teachers receive much much less.
They had studied and are trained.
She is not trained for the service.

And the police have spiraled pay
while teachers receive much much less.
They had studied and are trained,
get only hike pay promises.

When you are angry and confused,
complain and be tagged communists
subjected killed, be EJKed
in the hands of the realm’s fascists.

Where Bato is the lead killer,
trained in hazing in PMA
where a murder has just been made.
Pity Darwin D if you may.

These soldiers are trained to murder
the helpless, poor Filipinos –
the peasants, workers, students,
Cebuanos or Ilocanos.

But will not fight the invaders
like the Chinese imperialists
or the US imperialists
and the other colonialists.

And Bong-bong now lurks as VP
being planned by the Supreme Court
under directions of Digong
who controls the post or the port.

Then Duterte will then resign.
Then VP will be president.
The drama of the Marcoses
to be back in power – complete.

Darker times in the Philippines
will ensue under a Marcos
or Marcoses for that matter
Philippines ruled by those locos.

Truly, the only solution
to the Philippines’s malady
rests in the forest in the East
where a new sun will rise someday. #

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