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Reflections at the Beach


Yesterday, we brought Jaxson, my five-year-old grandson, to frolic at the beach. After drenching himself, scampering and jumping with the breaking waves, he decided to build walls of sand with his bare hands. He must have done this a million and one times.

Due to the walls’ nearness to the water, the breaking torrents would deluge the walls as soon as immediately he had set them up. The broken waters would not have yet receded when Jaxson would frantically scoop sand, again and again, hoping to set up another wall before the oncoming rush again.

Yes, a million and one times. I really lost count.

I don’t know what ran into Jaxson’s mind. I didn’t bother to ask him why after. All I know is he had fun. He said so himself. I guess he had fun racing with the water to topple what he had sat up a million and one times. He had fun with the frenzy, the rush of having those walls built, knowing all along that they will soon melt away into nothingness – again and again.

In the end, he figured that further from the waters, closer to the drier sands, he could build walls that would rarely be toppled by the rushing waters. Yes, the waters still came to crumble the walls but became seldom compared to earlier times.

When we were going home, another boy came, and Jaxson gladly have him inherit the fun of putting up the walls.

Amused, I felt happy for Jaxson. I am guessing that a solid wall of attitude was imbued in him with his fun. I am guessing that nothing would ever discourage my grandson in his future endeavors in life. Things may not become to his likings at any stage of his life, but he will never be discouraged. He will just continue cementing his future with a fun and should there be any hindrances to his endeavors, he will just scoff them off and forge on till he achieves his formidable walls.

Jaxson on the sand

Later, that night, other sandy thoughts came to my mind while mulling still at Jaxson’s beach walls episode.

I was also reminded of the story of a person who was walking along with Jesus Christ. They were producing two pairs of footprints in the sand. Sometime later, there was only a pair of footprints. When the person came to his senses, he asked Jesus “why did you leave me?”

Jesus replied, “I did not leave you. The footprints you see are mine. I was carrying you because you got tired.”

Another story is of the boy who was throwing starfishes on the beach back to the sea. A man came along and ask “Why are you doing that? There are so many starfishes on the beach. It will not make any difference if you throw what you can back to the sea.”

After throwing another starfish back to the waters, the boy said, “It made a difference to that one.”

Then there is the fallacious statistical line that people should stop going to the beach because people going home bring with them sand in their cars, in their slippers, in their clothes, etc. With so many billions of people going to the beaches all over the world and bringing sand away when they leave, there will come a day when there will be no more beaches left.

Talk of off-tangent logic. Thank goodness, those who think this way are far more less than the sands on the beaches of the world.

Moreover, come to think of it, with all the stretches of sand in all beaches of the world, people in all walks of life build sandcastles, only to be left to the mercy of oncoming tides. But then again, sandcastles will be built and built ad nauseam because indeed there are vast stretches of beaches all over the world.

Beaches will never vanish.

Well, except, maybe in the Philippines. That is if the Chinese are not stopped from scooping sand from them off to China, especially in the fringes of Northern Luzon with permission from the national and local governments.

And there I go, being political again.

Just take my digressions with a grain of sand.

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