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On the AFP stopping the flow of NPA Support


Unable to make a decisive dent in their repressive campaign against the New People’s Army (NPA), despite their reset deadlines over the years, the  Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), I believe, has come out with a new obnoxious strategy – stop the flow of recruits and logistical support from the urban areas into the countrysides. This presupposes that politicized urbanites – students, workers, and others, when killed, can no longer join and will stop the growth of the NPA.  Also, the same politicized urbanites, when killed, can no longer send logistical support and the NPAs in the countrysides will, presumably, starve. With these stoppages, the AFP will finish off the NPA left in the countrysides without new recruits and logistical support.

To test the strategy, the island of Negros has become an AFP laboratory to perfect the nuances of the strategy. Within the last month, there has been a spate of killings of peasants, workers, students and other advocates in the Island. Just within the last week of July, 13 civilians had been shot dead with seven killed in just a day on July 25 in a brazen viciousness in front of witnesses. To date,  83 had already been killed in the Island to include an infant, killed in a hammock, depicting the monstrosity of the strategy. This would include those killed with Oplan Sauron 1 and 2 last December and March respectively which resulted in the death of 20 peasants and Duterte’s Executive Order MO32 killing 40 civilians.

In an attempt to deny their murderous act, the AFP claims that NPA elements did the killings because those murdered were traitors. They even go as far as tagging the homes with words like “Traitors to the NPA”. The AFP also claim that there are vigilante groups against the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the NPA, perpetrators of the murders. The AFP said, further, that they are investigating the crimes.


It has been established in the past that the NPA lets the people know when the execution of traitors is done. Moreover, the NPAs have not done executions in mass. And a child in a hammock? Moreover, if the AFP is investigating vigilantes, how come nothing has ever come out of these investigations? Simple. They would not investigate their own.

Apart from the hatched strategy, the AFP elements are further motivated by the reward promises of Duterte, most recent of which is his offer of three million-peso bounty for the armed revolutionaries behind the death of four police officers in an NPA encounter last July 18 in Ayungon, Negros Oriental. The commander-in-chief definitely sanctions the ongoing carnage. In fact, he is the main instigator.

However, the Negros laboratory will not spring out to be applicable as a model for the whole country. It will fail from its deemed basic chemistry at the onset. First, although, NPAs can come from the urban area, the main NPA force comes from the poorest peasantry which is 75% of the Philippine population and are already in the countrysides. Second, although logistical support from the urban areas could supplement resources in the countrysides, the primary logistical needs of the NPA are already within the countrysides. It goes without saying that even the bulk of arms of the NPA are gathered in the countrysides when the AFP forces bring them in and are captured by the NPA during ambuscades.

This is saying that what the AFP thinks is a well-thought-out new strategy and sanctioned for enforcement by their commander-in-chief, is actually another ludicrous off tangent strategy on their part. If the AFP thinks that they could dry up the urban lakes to catch the fishes in the countrysides and think that they are brilliant, they are just showing their latest stupidity. It would be like, on a grander scale, mowing down all the activists (who are politicized)  marching in the urban streets but not touching the NPAs in the countrysides at all.

What the strategy actually is that it stems from the hopelessness of the AFP to quash the NPAs despite their bravado posturing. Not knowing further methods of overcoming their hopelessness, they resort to the cowardly murder of helpless innocents – nothing short of a higher level of extrajudicial killings. They have trained their guns against armless civilians like snarling dogs preying against those who have no power to fight.

Vis-à-vis their belief in their latest strategy of diminishing the NPAs, their move actually backfires as they further inflame the anger of the people whose hearts cry out for vengeance against the murders.  They raise the alarm for the people to realize that justice cannot be met in the urban areas but in arms in the countrysides. They raise the alarm as the murderous situations gain the sympathy of those who need salvation from their economic and social situation where the drug war is against them and not the drug lords, where corruption persists for those in the government to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor, where promises like the end of the ENDO, industrialization, bringing home the OFWs as there will be employment in the nation, where patrimony is endowed upon Chinese nationals instead of the common Filipinos, and much more.

And the AFP shoot tots now, even one just on a hammock. Because they will grow up to be NPAs?

This is a Mafiosi mentality.

Well, for one thing, the NPAs are now three generations deep. For another, without peace talks, the NPAs will persevere in their quest for the complete national democratic victory for the Filipino masses. # nordis.net

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