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“Shit happens” when the “Philippine Constitution is a Toilet Paper”


All the absurdities of Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte as president of the Philippines converge in his shitty thinking that the Philippine Constitution is but a toilet paper. That he swore to uphold and protect it – el vox populi or the voice of the people – is the epitome of his hypocrisy and being a most hideous liar.  Three years into his presidency, his promises that catapulted him to be elected are now most glaring to be opposite of the reality and is far beyond his promise to resign if he has not curbed the drug  problem, corruption in the government, attained sovereignty, industrialization, end contractualization or ENDO, bringing home the OFWs because of employment generation, land reform and many more.

This is not what senator-elect Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa alluded to but “shit happens” really. And Digong is the summa magna shit that happened to the Philippines.

I must admit that I, for one, was carried by a promise of Digong – that, because he said he would be the leftist president, he would negotiate peace with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the CPP’s armed might, the New People’s Army (NPA). And I believed him.  Because of my early belief, several friends of mine, having a better sense of Digong early, unfriended me from Facebook. One, at least, had the respect to tell me, saying “Sorry, Manong, if I have to unfriend you for a while.” Other relatives and friends of mine, including my brother, kept me but argued with me, some vehemently.

I stood my ground then because I really wanted peace. Close then to fifty years of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) battling the government with its New People’s Army (NPA) really needs resolution. If Digong would be the one to usher it, give him the chance. Besides, the ex-president did not want peace talks with the CPP/NPA and I was not sure that the LP presidential candidate was not man enough to handle the situations prevailing in the Islands, much less talk peace, too. Besides, Digong paraded himself as a sympathetic former student of Professor Jose Maria Sison, the founding Chairman of the CPP.

So, although I had a bad feeling about Digong saying that he is a leftist “pero hanggang kili-kili lang,” I supported him. As it turned out, I am among those, including the 16 million that voted for him who now say “Na-Duterte kami.”  It turned out that he could not raise his fist heavenward to mean ‘fight’ but to “hanggang kili-kili” nga lang, smacking you in front of your face. His fist, a million-fold more of a thunderbolt than a Pacquiao punch, caused more blood not only on the noses of reported dead with his Operation Tokhang.

It turns out, too, that Operation Tokhang was just an interlude, a dry run on how to massacre the poor who were tagged as drug identified individuals with the end in view of later on killing individuals who are tagged as communists or terrorists. These, after Digong arbitrarily trashed the peace talks. Smart or he thinks he is, he does not disperse massive rallies resulting in the killing of demonstrators, which resulted in heightened anger due to public martyrdom of those who died during the Marcos days. Digong’s military minions instead kill progressive leaders in apparently isolated cases in his failed wishes that this will not be noticed by the progressives. Not as massively emotional during dispersals during the olden days, however, the current killings still rouse anger among the progressives and demand justice.

The murder of the leaders must be done because the latest operation plans of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is to cut the flow of urban recruits and logistics for the NPA in the countryside. This must be done because, in spite of bribery, massive logistical input, intimidation, and other means, the AFP has been unable to contain the NPA and just extends indefinitely the deadline of pulverizing the rebels.

The murder of the leaders must be done because they are the most open at the forefront of legal assemblies that harangue Digong in his failure to fulfill his campaign promises.

Apart from his failures, he recently stood by the Chinese who had rammed the fishing boat of 22 fishermen off the Recto Bank leaving them to drown. The 2016 Hague ruling expressly states that the Recto Bank is part of the Philippines’ 200-nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Digong said that this was a mere accident, and to the chagrin of Filipinos, he said that the Chinese are still allowed to fish in Philippine waters. It turns out he had verbal agreements with the Chinese that they, indeed, could fish in Philippine agreement. This kind of agreement should have been discussed in the Senate before approval.

However, among others, this kind of no discussion in legal institutions and other arbitrary decisions of Digong stems from his declaration that the Constitution of the Philippines is a mere toilet paper.

With this mindset follows all his other independent actions, the most grievous of which is the surrender of Philippine sovereignty to the Chinese. He has not only allowed the Chinese to extend their claim on disputed islands close to the Philippines but to the very shores of the Archipelago. He has used as collateral the inland resources of the Philippines the high interest based Chinese billions of loans to which no progress appears but, for which, he has already gotten his commissions. At the least, he has allowed Chinese nationals to be employed in positions which unemployed Filipinos could easily do with his minions saying “because Filipinos are lazy and incompetent.”

Moreover, to up the ante in defense of his regime, Digong’s hands are now soaked with the blood of a toddler girl who was shot to the death by his minions. This, because they said that the kid was used as a shield by their suspect. This, Bato dismissed as “collateral damage” and “shit happens.”

Enough said. The most stinking shit that happened in the Philippines is the sitting of Digong in Malacañang and no thousand folds of toilet paper can ever scrape him off from that position.

It will need a violent plunging system to flush Digong to the sewer of history. # nordis.net

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