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Letter from a Betan Scholar


Columnist’s Note: I relegate my column this week to Yessa Mae D. Tanguilan. She just graduated BS Biology – Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines – Baguio City as a scholar of the Beta Gamma Phi Fraternity and Sorority. I share her gratitude with my fellow Betan sponsors who I mention at the end of Yessa’s letter.

Dear Sir and Madame Liporada,

I am Yessa Mae D. Tanguilan, your BGP scholar under the BS Biology program at UP Baguio. I am sending you this message to express my utmost gratitude for choosing me as your scholar.

To be selected as a scholar of your organization is both an honor and privilege. It helped me focus better on my studies without worrying a lot about my finances. You are really generous and kind. Thank you very much for setting up a scholarship that helps financially challenged students like me. If there would be someone that you really helped with this scholarship, then it would be my parents because they are the ones financing me in my education. My father is a retired soldier already and my mother doesn’t have a job. We are five siblings in the family and my parents could hardly finance us in our education and make ends meet. Before I was selected as your scholar, I was an awardee of the UP Presidential Scholarship, but it was not enough to sustain my needs. My parents had to borrow money from someone who has the means and, being in debt, made our situation more difficult. With this, please know that my parents also extend their gratitude for choosing me as your scholar.

I know we’ve not met before because I wasn’t able to attend the reunion last February 2019 due to my fieldwork thesis. Despite that, I know that you are really good people, generous enough to help me achieve my goals in order to contribute to the betterment of both my family and my country. As you’re reading this message, I already finished my undergraduate education and graduated with honors. All these achievements could have been extremely difficult to achieve without your help. It is really a great blessing to be your scholar. You are a blessing. I am always grateful to God because He sent people like you to help me in every possible way you can. Thank you very much for assisting me in my education by giving stipends every month, paying my graduation expenses (from graduation picture to honor society induction), and giving moral support. You inspire me to do the same to others who are less privileged like me.

My family and I attended the graduation dinner last June 24, 2019, and we are really grateful for that. We never anticipated our graduation dinner to be as fancy as that. Thank you for helping us beyond our education expenses. You care for your scholars as if they are your own family.

Please know that all the education I obtained will be used to help my family and my fellowmen. I will continue taking extra miles and make the best out of anything that I will do in the future. The scholarship that you entrusted me will not be put in vain.

I will always be grateful to you. You have all my respect and admiration. My God bless you a thousand-fold more than what you have now.

Respectfully yours,


A brainchild of Brothers Cesar Liporada and Glen Baquiran, now both deceased, the Beta Gamma Phi Fraternity and Sorority started the Betan scholarship program in 2010. Betan Grand Chancellor Matt and Liege Dacanay coordinate the program with the administration of the University of the Philippines Baguio City. The scholarship funds come from donations of fraternity and sorority members, groupings of which finance individual scholar’s tuition fees and logistical needs. Thus, Yessa was sponsored by my wife, Aurea and yours truly with  John and Dale Posadas,  Matt and Liege Dacanay,  Pat and Lyn Gonzales, Jimmy Posadas, and Randy and Consuelo Selga.  The US team consisting of Randy Selga, Butch Gacad, Joyce Rufo Polewczak, Florita Supnet Wilhelm, Lou Pasetes and Andrea Quipse Mones were all part of the enthusiastic group that kept the idea alive. According to Selga “Without them, the scholarship program would have never gotten off from the idea phase.” Selga serves as the purse center of donations from Brothers and Sisters before the funds would be sent to the Philippines.

To date, we have ten graduate scholars – two magna cum laude and eight cum laude.

Fraternity and Sorority members muse at the fact that during our university days, with the academic standards of the University, most of us struggled to barely pass our academic subjects. Now, giving back, we are able to help produce magna cum and cum laude graduates who are dedicated and committed to serve with their vocations. Scholar na nga sila ng Bayan, scholars pa namin. This makes Beta Gamma Phi Fraternity and Sorority members Summa Proud. #  nordis.net

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