AS THE BAMBOOS SWAY | Smartmatic has spoken


Smartmatic has spoken for a daughter of Dictator Ferdinand Marcos to be in the Philippine senate. Add a jokester implementor of the Tokhang extra judicial killings that had over 20,000 murdered in a quest for a failed drug war.  Mix them with plunderers whose raps had not yet been resolved but freed from prison. And sprinkle the senate with one identified as one of the leading drug lords in the country. The Philippines has now a cockroach infested legislative body.

And China is celebrating as the Filipinos should brace themselves for the following:

  1. Duterte’s minions, now having the majority in the senate, would legislate to amend the 1987 Constitution to turn the government into a federal from. This would solidify his prolonging his term. There would be no hindrance in his wish to make the Philippines practically a province of China.
  2. In so doing, it could rescind the Mutual Defense Treaty with the United States to open China as the military protector of the Islands.
  3. Fully legalize the plunder of Philippine resources for China so that “the entire South China Sea will live in peace & harmony.” This will include surrendering all Filipino rights to the Benham Rise holdings on our East side because “we do not have the resources and know how” to make use of it.”
  4. Chinese workers would then displace more Filipinos as “the Filipinos are lazy and not skilled enough to do those jobs.”

Opposition will have to be removed by this senate.

  1. Vice-President Leni Robledo could be impeached with a generated Latin sounding case paving way for Bongbong Marcos or Sara Duterte to inherit the presidency.
  2. They could expel Senator Leila Delima for creative reasons like having unbecoming traits as a senator.
  3. Tighten the noose on Senator Sonny Trillanes creating other reasons for him to be also expelled from the senate.

All of the above will result to more misery for the majority of the Filipinos. Expect more extra judicial killings attached to red-tagging and for being suspected as a drug user. Expect more projects like dams designed to deprive indigenous peoples of their ancestral lands. Expect more peasants left without the reality of land reform. Expect more unemployment as Filipinos will not have any created industries to bank on apart from being dislodged by Chinese workers. Expect further plunge of the peso resulting in super inflation and escalating prices of goods and services.

In the end, the only legacy of the Smartmatic voice is to voice out the fact the current systems in the Philippines do not work for the sake of the majority of the Filipino people. As a friend has pointed out in her Facebook post: Who said that the elections will solve the woes of the Filipino people anyway.

A fact to note: When Dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos tried to rig the snap elections he called, the people rose and hastened his being kicked out of Malacanang. It took a long percolation from the first quarter storm of 1969 but he was kicked after his regime of 20 years.

And the New People’s Army was not really yet a force then to reckon with.

President Rodrigo Duterte is in his midst of six years term. True, Smartmatic has consolidated his reign on the government.

However, the Filipino people must now be consolidating a humongous slipper.

After all, a cockroach must be quashed.#


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