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The Duterte identification to Issues


As the May 13, 2019 mid-term elections in the Philippines approaches, President Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte and his henchmen are mouthing sentiments that are contrary to their earlier stances. Recently, out of nowhere, Digong is again calling for the resumption of peace talks with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). Duterte has formally terminated the peace negotiations with the NDFP with Proclamation 360. So why now? Because, maybe, there is a rising interest in the revolutionary resistance of the Filipino people for national and social liberation because of the flagrantly antipeople, antinational and antidemocratic character of the Duterte regime – which could translate, in the legal front, for the people to not vote for Digong’s senatorial candidates?

Flagrantly antipeople, antinational and antidemocratic character of his regime would include his pro-China stance. While Digong had practically sold the Philippine patrimonial rights to the Philippine Seas and tooting the Philippines as a province of China, now the regime would want to impose the International Arbitral decision that had limited the rights of China far from the disputed islands that are presumably within the boundary rights of the Philippines. Ask about the about face, Spox Panelo said that the arbitral decision had not really been thrown away by the government. Only shelved. Also, Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr says the Philippines protested the alleged mass harvesting of giant clams by Chinese vessels in Scarborough Shoal. This after saying that China is a partner in the development of the Philippines.

Digong, to top this all has said that the Chinese should now ward off from the disputed islands.

So, why now, after the disputed islands in the islands supposedly belonging to the Philippines are now dotted with military installations of China, when Filipino fishermen are shooed away from their erstwhile fishing waters, when these fishermen had been advised by Philippine Coastguards not to fish in those waters to avoid tensions with Chinese armed forces.

Why now? Because Digong and his senatorial candidates wants to identify with the anti-China sentiments of the people.

Moreover, Digong has threatened to replace all officials of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS), as he lamented on the water shortage that hit parts of Metro Manila and Rizal province in March. This, when everyone knows that these officers had his blessings to be there and that the artificial water shortage was designed to justify pursuing dam projects of his government with China.

Again, why now? Because, Digong and his candidates are riding on the angry sentiments of those voters whose complaints against the water shortage are directed to the MWSS like Digong has nothing to do with the malady.

Note that Digong won the presidency that in 2016 because he rode on the corruption that beset the Aquino regime. The PDAF and DAF were pointed daggers that punctuated Noynoy’s presidency. Add the Special Armed Forces (SAF) Mamapasano massacre where he attended a car dealer’s inauguration instead of their wake. Then there is his inutility to shore up the efforts  to handle the Yolanda devastation. Anyone identified with Aquino had his kiss of death. Poor Roxas. Even a janitor, shouting out the inadequacies of Aquino then,  could have run and won.

Digong ran on the sentiments of the people then.

The people then also wanted peace. Thus, Digong said that he was a leftist president and would reopen peace talks with the CPP. He said that as a friend of the New People’s Army (NPA), he could negotiate cease fires because he would solve the problems of the country so there would no longer need for armed conflict. Everyone heard him loud and clear. “I will eradicate corruption in the government within three to six months or I will resign.”

He had other promises which were sentiments of the people. With these, he was able to hoodwink 16 million to catapult him to the presidency.

None of his promises were fulfilled. Things have gone worse in the Islands.

Now he wants his Hugpong ng Pagbabago win senatorial seats. Thirteen of them (only twelve needed) – so he could control, at least two thirds of the senate to forge his journey to a federal system wherein he could solidify his dictatorship.

And would you believe that he is not wanting his daughter, Sarah, to become the next president? Yes, that one, that one who believes that honesty is not a necessary ingredient for an official to have to be in the government.

Digong had fooled the Filipinos once. Fooling them twice will be stupid. Barring cheating that makes Digong’s senatorial candidates win, I don’t believe Filipinos are stupid. # nordis.net

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