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BWD: Water issue not only for election campaign


BAGUIO CITY — The head of the Baguio Water District (BWD) reminded politicians to be mindful of the water issue in the city not only during the campaign period but as part of their governance agenda when elected.

General Manager Salvador Royeca said water is one of the urgent matters the government should address together with their constituents. The BWD head pointed out that city officials should always include in their plan of action and legislative agenda the water supply stability for the people of Baguio.

He said the matter of protecting and rehabilitating our water sources, the constructions of rainwater catch basins and protection of our remaining watersheds should not only be brought out whenever they are wooing the public just to win their votes and after elections, the problem remains.

According to him, the issues that should be given emphasis are how to ensure the continuous supply of potable water and the protection of the water sources. He underscored that both matters rely on the commitment of every one and moreover the political will of people in the government.

CATCHING THE RAIN. The Santo Tomas Rain Basin is the largest rain catchment facility in the city that provides water to about 6,000 households in Baguio and parts of Tuba. Photo from Baguio Water District Website.

Royeca said BWD completed the rehabilitation of the rainwater catchment facility at Mt. Sto. Tomas in Tuba, Benguet raising its storage capacity from 600,000 to 700, 000 liters.

He said it should be an additional source of stable water supply distributed to the households of Baguio. However, he cited the influx of tourist and visitors in the city as among the reason why the supply of water suffers during summer.

BWD is implementing rehabilitation work for worn-out pipes and deep wells to avoid system loss, and getting rid of illegal connections according to him.

SAVING THE SOURCE. The Baguio Water District (BWD) led the groundbreaking ceremonies for the resumption of the fencing of the Busol Watershed to prevent it from further destruction. Nordis file photo

The official also said they are banking on the completion of the perimeter fence for the watershed to protect the watersheds is the encroachment of informal settlers.

Royeca also announced that they are targeting the completion of another rainwater catch basin at Busol watershed this year and hopefully be in full utilization in the summer of 2020. # nordis.net

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