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Beware: JPFBC invading the Philippine Senate


Much was said about them already and I might be beating a dead horse but the JPFBC – jesters, plunderers, fakers, and bobong cowards, if they win in the 2019 May elections, will smother the Philippine Senate to inutility to serve the Filipino people. They will render the constitution a mere roll of toilet paper to be flushed with their excretion of laws never for the good of the people, not even for those who voted for them. The JPFBC are branded as belonging to the Hugpong ng Pagbabago, Team Duterte, or Team China under the campaign managership of the President’s daughter, Davao Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.

Yes, much was said about them already, but it must be reiterated, ventilated, and emphasized.

The Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HP) senate candidates do not deserve to be in a legislative body of the Philippines for they would not know how to legislate for, to reiterate, they are mere jesters, plunderers, fakers, and bobong cowards. They are reelectionist Senator Aquilino Pimentel III, former presidential political adviser Francis Tolentino, former national police and corrections chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, Maguindanao Representative Zajid Mangudadatu, former presidential aide Bong Go, Imee Marcos, reelectionist Senators Cynthia Villar, JV Ejercito, Bong Revilla, Juan Ponce Enrile, Sonny Angara, Taguig Representative Pia Cayetano, and Former Interior Secretary Rafael Alunan III.

Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa tops the jesters list. Bato has the audacity to say that he does not have to talk about platforms during rallies because they are just supposed to sing and dance to entertain the audience. Senator Ping Lacson even says, “This candidate thinks the Philippine Senate is in Entertainment City. Somebody please tell him it’s a little farther. Unless he stops entertaining, he might just end up being a stand-up comedian after election.” Moreover, Bato joked during a rally in Calamba City, Laguna, that those in the audience who don’t applaud him could face “Tokhang.” Oplan Tokhang is the name of the police anti-drug operation where he is identified with 20,000 or so extra judicial killings.

Lacson also hits Larry Gadon saying, “He has an acerbic tongue. When he dishes out his hate trait list, he has no clue he tops that list. He sounds entertaining sometimes but not electable at all.” A lawyer, Gadon featured in the impeachment of former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno questioning her SALN.

Heading the list of fakers is no other than the daughter of the fake hero with fake medals ousted dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos. Imee Marcos splashed in her resume that she is a graduate of the University of the Philippines (UP), Asia Institute of Management (AIM) and Princeton– with honors to boot. Said institutions denied that she was ever bestowed a degree from their portals. She did not even have an MA in Management at the AIM as she claimed because in 50 years of AIM, they never offered an MA in Management. Princeton was emphatic in saying that she “falsely claimed” to have received a degree from that school.

Lacson added plunderer Ramon “Bong” Revilla as fake, saying, “His main campaign appeal is playing victim but, in his heart, he knows he is the predator – having preyed on public funds. He is very good at both.” A former actor, he could really act the victim.

Of course, Revilla, along with Jinggoy Estrada and Juan Ponce Enrile, had been imprisoned for PDAF plunder. Released by President Rodrigo Duterte without their case really cleared clearly, they lead the senate aspirant plunderers.

Lacson adds Francis Tolentino as a plunderer giving an example where he says, “He trained his eyes on an unspent Php 1.6B calamity fund in an LGU where a family member is mayor. He asked the person in charge to procure blankets for Php7,000 each. Actual market price is Php700 per blanket.”

On the kabobohan list, Bato also tops them all when he said that he does not know anything about law-making, earning jeers like why he is running for the law-making body. Second on the list is JV Ejercito where Lacson says, “His campaign promises include the passage of a measure that the 17th Congress has already legislated and signed into law by the president just recently. He’s a lazy idiot, ayaw mag-google, and shoots from the hip.” Lacson adds Sonny Angara saying, “Wherever the weather is fine, he’s there for sure. He is a certified “Averrhoa carambola” a.k.a. ‘balimbing’.”

Showing the epitome of their kabobohan and cowardice, they refused to engage the opposing senatorial lineup of Otso Diretso in a public debate. Bato said that they are busy campaigning and have no more time for debates. In his twisted thinking he forgets that the highest form of campaigning is the debate episode.

Moreover, irked by being branded as fakes and liars, their campaign spokesperson, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio maintained that everybody lies – meaning faking and lying is acceptable for one to be a senator. ““I tell them all (Hugpong candidates) that there is no single candidate who does not lie, so honesty should not be an issue now,” she said. She adds, referring to a provision in the Philippine constitution, “What’s important is what is required by the law. What does the law say for a senator? Able to read and write, natural-born citizen. Does it say they must have good moral character? Does it say the person has to be honest?”

This really burned the candidates of HP showing their ignorance of the constitution. Article 2, Section 27 provides that: “The State shall maintain honesty and integrity in the public service and take positive and effective measures against graft and corruption”. Moreover, Section 1 of Article XI states: “Public office is a public trust. Public officers and employees must at all times be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and efficiency, act with patriotism and justice, and lead modest lives.” The word “integrity” is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values, incorruptibility.” It also lists “honesty” as a synonym for integrity.

To think that the Hugbong candidates are supposed to become law makers.
What is ironic is the Commission on Elections (Comelec) has denied the request for a debate of opposition senatorial slate Otso Diretso against the Hugpong ng Pagbabago candidates.

Comelec Spokesperson James Jimenez said the Comelec’s en banc rejected the Otso Diretso’s request due to logistical issues and time restraints. One must wonder who Jimenez takes his orders from.

To top the JPFBC circus, President Duterte lambasted candidates from the Otso Diretso opposition slate, taunting that they are heading straight “to hell” without explaining any merit on why the HP candidates should be elected as senators or debunking their being JPFBC. He just endorsed the HP candidates even vouching for the governance skills of Imee Marcos. He said, “Ayan si Imee led a very colorful life. Ang master… local government. Bright eh… Mga charges, of course, the sins of the father cannot visit the daughter,” Duterte argued. “But ako tingin ko kay Imee, she can be a very good asset sa Senado. Sanay eh. Trabahante rin.”

At least, he admitted that the father (of Imee) has sins.

Oh! Well.

Filipinos had been fooled once. I hope that the Filipinos would no longer be fooled come May 2019 elections. Otherwise, Filipinos would become Foolipinos. # nordis.net

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