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Enough roses despite February chills

Photo by Marv Boac Terceño


BAGUIO CITY — A farmer from the Bahong village in La Trinidad town, the rose capital of Benguet province, said there will be enough roses for Valentines despite the dipping temperature this February.

“Roses take longer to bear flowers and bloom during colder weather,” said Mary Jane Bahod, a rose farmer and flower vendor.

“But we still get to harvest enough roses,” she added.

Bahod explained that roses bear flowers and bloom faster in May when the weather is warmer.

“Roses are also in demand in May for Mother’s Day,” she said.

Bahod tills about half a hectare of land planted with roses and some Malaysian mums. At the minimum, she harvests 200 bundles of roses every season that takes around four months to bear flowers.

She said that the mums are usually mixed with roses for floral arrangements, adding that “the majority buys just roses for Valentines.”

Bahod said that flowers are also in demand in December.

Ligaya Pumihic, who delivers and sells flowers at Dangwa terminal in Manila, said the price of red roses during this peak season is P700 per bundle (two dozens).

“During ordinary days, the wholesale prices for red and other roses range between P55 to P300 per bundle,” Pumihic told Nordis.

Fuschia pink roses now cost P500 to P600 per bundle while white roses can be bought at P200 per bundle.

Baby pink roses from La Trinidad, Benguet are now being sold for P150 per bundle.

Pumihic said imported stargazers cost P150 to P180 per stem, usually added with roses.

She said these are suppliers’ prices (wholesale from farms) and will be much more expensive when bought from retailers.

“Most of the supplies are imported. Only King Louis farms in Benguet have stargazers but these are sold at an imported price,” Pumihic expalined.

She said the price will still change as Valentine’s comes nearer.

“Sunflowers are also a popular choice for Valentines,” Pumihic said.

Last year, because there was minimal supply of sunflowers, its’ price reached P250 to P500 per piece.

Pumihic said the prices of fresh cut flowers will depend on the supply of imported flowers.

”If there’s too much importation of flowers, the price of locally grown flowers will go down,” she said. # nordis.net

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