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EDITORIAL | What BLISTT Development?



Baguio, La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba, Tublay, development authority, BLISTTDA. The City that was carved off Tuba, and five municipal towns of the 13 towns of the Province of Benguet. All five towns peopled and the ancestral domain “owned” by the Ibaloys.

One Baguio historian says “LISTTDA is better than BLISTTDA. Rehab overdeveloped Baguio is a separate concern. Enough!”

True, LISTT are faring better than Baguio at the rate things are developing. But this does not mean that they should leave Baguio on its own, even if its LGU is bullying them, Baguio is still very much part of their shared ecosystem. It only means that their local governments have to look and plan forward for their populations, their constituents first.

The neighboring towns of “B” truly need some development to better serve their people. That means development they, as townspeople, chose that would serve them all as a community so they can progress as a people at the pace they choose. A pace that they are comfortable with to be able to learn, absorb and grasp how to guide and use their vision for development to serve their communities best – the technologies, infrastructures, programs they shall need to conserve the environment, their resources, and build the futures for their next generations; and more that they can share unselfishly with their neighbors and then the rest of the world to their nation’s interest and not the other way around.

Baguio City is over developed as it had been locally and internationally pointed out by scientists especially immediately after the “killer earthquake”. Presently it needs a place to dispose its garbage, its sewage, its “overflowing migrant population”, it needs more water, more energy and power, more food, more market for its imported surplus, more land to sell, etc. Just everything more as a result of the fast creeping urbanization. But not at its neighbors’ expense(?)

The development plan made for the City decades ago (BLIST) was a concept from the Asian Development Bank (World Bank in Asia), an international bank that operates “investments” on governments or loans, and require counterpart, captured markets or resource areas. Development from their point of view is one that would enhance their profits. What else could the BLIST area give as counterpart but their natural resources and their people? Where will they draw the “commission” to give facilitators to this plan and the sources of funding for the proposed projects? Who will pay for these government loans after?

We are told that our great grandchildren already owe these international finance entities (IMF, WB, ADB, etc.) billions of dollars. It is computed that as of 2018 each Filipino owes some P67 thousand of the country’s total debt. It is not only Baguio’s people but the whole Benguet people’s urgent concern to look into the BLISTTDA proposal and be careful we do not put our future generations deeper into debt and with nothing to support themselves and their communities. Is this proposed development really going to sustain them or is it just to get their common resources for the profit of the rich investors?

Get involved, be vigilant for your town and community.# nodis.net

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