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Unite for a free and prosperous 2019 for all



It was true to form, “the presidential calm” last week was but the difficulty of delivering the traditional Christmas message written for Malacañang. After the delivery he was back to his normal self calling his minions,  “off to war you go!”

Receiving the feedback about the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the revolution in all major islands of the country led by the Communist Party of the Philippines apparently got his goat. The reaction and results of it in the PNP/AFP actually made things worst. The very bad thing about these exchanges of actions and reactions between the contending governments is the punishment dealt on the civilian population. That civilian population can only be pushed too far.

In our ranks as civilians and media practitioners, as community journalists, there is the recognition that attacks on media have escalated under this dispensation. It is not so different from the last regime but it persists, and this time it is very much like what media elders and mentors of today experienced under the Marcos regime.

It is high time that the media community come together and stand united to defend the right of the public to know, to information that especially may protect them from this economic crisis, and thieves misrepresenting themselves as government leaders. Defend your right to know and the freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly.

May the media, alternative and mainstream, and all freedom loving Igorots, Filipinos and friends link arms, defend our democratic rights as a nation of Filipino peoples and start out for a free and prosperous 2019 for all .# nordis.net

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