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EDITORIAL | No dignity among plunderers



By relationship, our country holds an ugly historical record in the Guinness Book of World Records for being where the Marcos regime is cited for committing the “Greatest Robbery of Government.”

“The Philippine plunder law, Republic Act 7080, mandates reclusion perpetua to death for those convicted of plunder, plus permanent disqualification from holding public office. It defines plunder as an act or combination of acts by a public officer and the members of his family, his relatives, business associates, subordinates, friends or other persons through which he “amasses or acquires ill-gotten wealth” from the misuse of public funds amounting to at least P50 million.”

Since Marcos, succeeding presidents Estrada and GM Arroyo were next to be accused of plunder, Estrada was convicted for the plunder of $80 million while Arroyo was accused for the misuse of Ph366 million. Later, also charged with plunder, were senators Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, who are now out on bail; and Bong Revilla recently acquitted but ordered to return part of the P124.5 million … of what was plundered?

Most of these politicians still hold public office and are even running for election this coming national midterm elections. Without loss of face and are even expected to win for whatever position they may bid for.

There are stark anti-people provisions and decisions made in the judgements or legislations promulgated by government administrations (one after the other) under these kind of political leaders in the name of protecting the rights of the Filipino people. It is apparent that in this country gross inequality thrives as well as, double standards of justice at work.

It is just sad to see citizens not doing anything to stand up and be part of the war against corruption and oppressive administrations. Every one in this nation is affected by every peso stolen from the people’s taxes. Taxes or money collected from the hard earned wages of each worker, in advance (withholding taxes, value added tax, income tax, sales tax, etc.). Taxes meant to support services for the public (free education, public health, public sanitation, sidewalks, public schools, etc.), and pay for the government loans made against the people’s resources (man power, natural resources, even the future of the generations of Filipino children.)

It was awesome to read stories like the French police in solidarity with marching workers demanding for higher wages. The police were said to have declared, they too are workers and are one with the marchers in the demand for higher wages. Addressing their prime minister they said they soon shall join them in the streets.

Another, news clip, was about a protest demonstration in Thailand where people were protesting against the corruption in national government. They were met by state troopers in their crowd control gear: shield, truncheons and helmets. The troopers neatly laid down their tools along the road and stood in line, so many of them even knelt down on the side of the road facing the approaching protesters’ formation in the middle of the road. They cheered and clapped the protesters march on.

Both people can rightfully claim with dignity, they stood up for their nation. We too must condemn corruption and those plundering politicians, fight for the dignity of our nation, Resist tyranny.# nordis.net

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