Women activists file complaints against red-tagging


TUGUEGARAO CITY — Cagayan Valley women activists accompanied by Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Arlene Brosas filed complaints against red-tagging at the Commission on Human Rights Region 2 office on November 26.

Five women activists submitted affidavits where they narrated how state forces have been harassing them under the present administration’s crackdown against prograssive organizations.

During the past months, leaflets, banners, and text messages have circulated in the Cagayan region branding these women activists together with peasant and youth leaders among others as “terrorists”.

In October, peasant leaders also filed a similar complaint with the CHR.

Mia Licquigan, the national vice chair for internal affairs of Gabriela said they have painstakingly fought for free education, accessible health services, just wage and humane working conditions, genuine agrarian reform, an end to the violence and discrimination against women and children, and the respect for human rights especially of the oppressed. She added that they have also called for the repeal of the anti-poor TRAIN law and have been vocal against the return of martial rule in the country.

Licquigan is a victim of red-tagging herself.

These women leaders who come from youth, peasant, and women organizations expect that the CHR will execute appropriate actions to ensure their safety and of their organizations and will put to light the perpetrators of the black propaganda against them.# nordis.net