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Posted by Sky Ranch Baguio on Tuesday, November 13, 2018


BAGUIO CITY — School administrators of the University of the Philippines Baguio (UPB) and the University of the Cordilleras (UC) complained against the SM mall for disturbing classes, causing traffic jam and emitting foul smell during the Baguio City council session on November 26 saying that it disturbs their students.

UPB Chancellor Raymund Rovillos said the mall’s carnival is adjacent to their campus that they can clearly hear the people enjoying the rides and other attraction of the mall’s amusement facility. He said the noise affect the concentration of the students during classes.

He questioned why carnivals are allowed to be built near schools.

UPB is just across the the mall’s carnival.

Engineer Nestor Donaal of the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) claimed that under the Department Order (DO) numbered 2014-005, consultation is no longer needed for them to issue ECC because it is in the hands of local government units under the local government code for conduction of such.

UC Vice President for Administration Leonarda Aguinalde complained that every time the construction of the mall’s extension building starts, they have to endure loud noise from heavy equipment and tools. She said this really bothers their over 18,000 students.

The construction of the building which is purposely for an added parking area for the mall goers is just few meters away from UC. She said they called the mall’s attention several times already and have reached an agreement on the matter.

But Aguinalde said the mall’s construction has also cause traffic congestion. She added that the construction also poses danger to their students.

UC is right across the gate of mall’s on going construction. Aguinalde said that the road between the school’s and the mall’s gate is often clogged with trucks going in and out the construction site. She said they agreed that the construction’s gate be transferred to another area but the mall has not complied.

Aguinalde also complained about the stench coming out from the septic tank of the mall’s comfort rooms. She said the smell is unbearable.

The mall failed to send a representative to the council session despite being summoned. #


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