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EDITORIAL | Here comes the circus



There was a time in the fifties to the 60s that the circus was a much welcomed fare in town. It was an influence of both oriental and western culture, partly from the country’s foreign trade and colonial history. The carnival or the circus would have clowns, stunt and trapeze men and women, actors in cowboy or Indian costumes, performing animals as lions, elephants, dogs and monkeys, freak shows, magic feats, fortune tellers, stage shows in vibrant colors and blaring music or invites to the shows.

For sometime now press people, liken the running of today’s election campaigns to a grand circus. Politicians they say would do anything even go thru the eye of a needle to gain the highest possible number of votes. The newspaper entertainment pages would likely give way to the election campaign coverages.

On the last day, October 11, of filing candidacies for this 2019 midterm elections gave us a glimpse of the list of registered candidates (national to local). This creates a notion there likely will be more clan wars, family feuds, more upstart warlords and feudal lords pushing their lot to build their own political dynasties.

Also, in recent history, every election season, mudslinging among candidates become uglier and their campaign budget gets bigger to lubricate their way into power. Notable too are the attacks against progressive candidates and party lists intensify, as the state and those that benefit from the status quo exert all effort to deny the people of true and dependable representation in government.

There also starts the familiar pitch in the self-promotion campaign of promises from most if not all the candidates, whether as a party or individually, but basically promises that they will bring change (emphasis added) and for a better future. But do ask: What kind of change? And for whom?

For most Filipino citizens, the election of new government leaders is important especially that they still believe it may end the bludgeoning miseries under previous leaderships. And, especially that this election is at a time the country is in deep economic crisis in the advance stage of a decayed political system.

It is most a matter of identifying what change does the country need (what does the majority, impoverished population need)? It is also a matter of changing that governance that is power hungry, excessively exploitative and oppressive to the larger citizenry. It is most a matter of choosing to organize ourselves into the widest united support of Filipino citizenry toward instituting genuine change for us all as a country, and not only for the rich, powerful and infamous tyrants.

This midterm elections, registered citizen-voters shall elect 12 senators, a party list; a district congressman, a provincial governor, vice governor, provincial board members, town/city mayor, vice mayor and councilors. The campaign period for national positions starts on February 11 and for provincial positions on March 11, 2018.

Before the election campaign period, scrutinize who are principled, trusted and your kind of candidates, choose well and share what you know about them with family and friends. Talk about it and listen to other insights. It is not responsible to choose on the basis of money, gifts, threats or favors given to you. Choose intelligently on the basis of the candidates’ ability and heart to serve the people, to serve the community, to serve the country.# nordis.net

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