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Youth groups slam fare hike, call for junking TRAIN law, oil tax



QUEZON CITY — Youth groups today trooped to the jeepney terminals at NHA (Housing), Quezon City to protest the ₱2 increase in minimum jeepney fare approved by the LTFRB yesterday.

Kabataan Partylist is one with the commuters, drivers, students, vendors, and all other ordinary Filipinos today in condemning the additional burden brought by another fare hike along with the continuously increasing prices of goods and services and the intensifying economic and political crisis in the country.

“The ₱2 increase in the minimum jeepney fare is a bane to the youth and the people in the face of the worsening economic crisis under the Duterte regime. Ito talaga yung “Red October”: a month marked in the red due to price hikes, record-high inflation and emptying wallets. It is the poorest Filipinos who have no choice but to bear the brunt of the regime’s anti-people policies,” said Kabataan National President Angelica Reyes.

“Kakatiting na ginhawa lang ang dagdag pamasahe na ito sa ating mga manong tsuper. As if this government had any regard for them; the ongoing jeepney phaseout and other anti-people policies rob our drivers of their livelihood while bloating private profits and transferring burden ultimately to the public,” Reyes added.

“Fares are becoming more and more exorbitant for the commuting public, including our youth and students. Along with its maneuvers to free education, the government is only further decreasing the ability of youth and students to go to school and narrows down further their already poor access to education,” Reyes stressed.

The youth party calls on the students and the people, including jeepney drivers, to unite in calling for the repeal of the TRAIN law and a stop to oil price hikes.

“We call on the government to remove the excise tax on oil to relieve the drivers and the public in general in further suffering from the rapidly intensifying economic crisis in the country. We call on the government stop TRAIN law and put the people’s interest above corporate greed,” Reyes continued.

“The administration must urgently address the worsening crisis in transport and the general economy, instead of resorting to tyranny, pointing fingers and targeting dissenters who are merely reacting to these issues. It should stop TRAIN and scrap its regressive provisions, which have brought upon the hikes on petroleum and the consequent skyrocketing prices of basic goods and services,” Reyes ended. # nordis.net

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