Northern Dispatch Weekly @ 29

TODAY| In 1989, Northern Dispatch Weekly was borne from the growing nationalist mass movement of indigenous people in defense of their ancestral land/domain and the right to self-determination. It was important for them to tell their own story, and share their outlook on issues in the region, as indigenous peoples, as national minorities; their culture, their identity and their common perspective for a national democratic society.

From a small band of journalists, artists and development workers was published a weekly packet of regional news and feature stories from the view of grassroot and sectoral communities in the Cordillera and its neighboring regions. Copies of this weekly news collection was provided to all other mainstream news carriers, to subscribing NGOs and people’s organizations here and abroad.

James Balao saw the establishment and continuity of the Dispatch. He is sorely missed and we support the people’s demand from the State to surface him. He was abducted on September 17, 2008 (Enforced Disappearance) by state security forces.


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