Ibaloys to teach Baguio folk their culture


BAGUIO CITY — As part of preserving their Ibaloy cultural heritage, Onjun ni Ivadoy Association, Inc. in cooperation with the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts (NCCA) will be teaching Baguio people their folk songs, dances, arts, crafts and history.

IBALOY HERITAGE. Ibaloy folk will be staging art exhibits, workshops, lectures and cultural performances to educate the public on the Ibaloy culture. Photo by Kimberlie Ngabit-Quitasol

On August 3, Onjun launched their project with NCCA entitled: Sustaining Public Awareness of Ibaloy History and Heritage through the Akhad Eskwela Katutubo at the Ibaloy Heritage Park at the Burnham Park.

According to Jimmy Fong of Onjun, they will be conducting public awareness activities in the city on Ibaloy cultural heritage and history. He said that they will organize Ibaloy cultural workers that include masters, artists and performers among others to help in teaching and raising awareness. He said they will develop information education campaign materials.

Fong said they will also develop an Ibaloy education program on history, practices, dances, songs and other cultural heritage. He said they will also develop training manuals. “Like our dances, we can take photos of the step to aid in teaching,” he added.

As part of the public awareness, Fong said they will be holding lecture series, performances, workshops, art installations and exhibits.

Fong informed his fellow Ibaloys that the NCCA will monitor and evaluate the implementation of the project which will require proper documentation of all the activities. “So we should not be surprised if there are people taking our photos or videographing us in our activities,” he said.

The project starts this August and ends in December. # nordis.net


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