Editorial: Duterte fears Peace Talks


It would look like the president is afraid of losing in the peace negotiations between the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the Government of the Philippines (GPH or GRP) when he called it off again early last month. Through back channel talks it was reported that the negotiations were to resume on the 28th of June. As if using the Filipino movie line, “sandali, mahirap na, kailangang maging sigurista tayo,” and then says that he needs three months to study the papers of the talks.

Oh well, that is our president. He made it look like the peace talks is but a contest for fame and favor, and not a negotiation between two principled representatives.

For more than three times he has called it off since his presidency, this over the number of promises he made in public and unashamedly broke in relation to the peace process, change and economic development for the Filipino poor, banning contractualization, implementation of land reform, better wages, free education, better health services and many more.

People can get tired of rhetoric or of hyperboles or of just waiting for nothing.

Nevertheless, it made it easier for the people to accept, comprehend or even support Professor Jose Maria Sison  (NDFP) chief political consultant condemnation’s of Duterte’s repeated cancellation of formal talks, and of his statement that the Filipino people, especially the oppressed and exploited, cannot expect any benefit from negotiating with Duterte’s government.
With this expose and standstill in the peace negotiations, the human rights situation is seen to worsen as militarists think they have been favored. On the other hand, right thinking citizens, humanitarians and activists all the more see the necessity to organize and support citizens defense of their constitutional rights in the face of a leadership that uses the military to invade ancestral domains, squeezes down on workers rights for decent wages and better working conditions, supplies consumers with genetically modified vegetables and meat, and wages shooting wars against unarmed peasants in their far flung villages.

Do not be afraid of peace talks or even the big bad wolf. We shall overcome. # nordis.net


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