Editorial: Better wages…? Anytime!

Under the present national economy, better wages for the Filipino is good anytime, and even for the nation’s economy.

The Duterte administration is not the only administration that has claimed that increasing the minimum wage would increase inflation. Inflation came anyway and while capitalists kept raising the prices of basic commodities and campaigned to prevent any increase in the minimum wage to protect themselves from losing any of their profits, the ordinary Filipino worker was just left out both by government and private business to tighten their belts and beg.

Though this administration can claim it has increased the minimum wage in the National Capital Region twice by P21 or so, they can be progressive and heart-full to increase the minimum wage nationwide to the amount of a living wage.

As it is, the NCR minimum wage of Php512 still falls far short of the estimated Php973 family living wage (FLW) for a family of five, and even further short of the Php1,168 FLW for a family of six.

Supporting the Php750 MW as proposed by the progressive lawmakers is as they said, the more practical measure, which will allow wage earners to cope with inflation, by increasing the people’s purchasing capacity.

While the proposed amount still falls short of the Family Living Wage (FLW), a Php750 minimum wage can be the first important step towards increased economic activity and a better and vibrant economic growth that shall ensure a more stable price situation.
IBON welcomed government’s recently announced plan to respond to labor’s clamor for an increase in the minimum wage, saying that this is urgent amid rising prices. But the hike should be meaningful enough to keep up with accelerating inflation, poverty

The eroding purchasing power of workers is resulting in even lower standards of living for minimum wage earners.

IBON said that the government should urgently address the grossly insufficient wages of workers, which is even being rapidly eroded by high inflation. Immediate and concrete steps include: implementing the Php750 national minimum wage demanded by workers’ groups; suspending implementation of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Package One, which is driving prices up and amending this to become genuinely progressive; and enforcing price controls such as on staple food items. # nordis.net


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