Pangasinan town opposes coal-fired plant


BAGUIO CITY — Resistance against the second coal-fired power plant in Pangasinan is getting a boost.

Officials of Labrador town expressed their opposition to the construction of the P47-Billion, 1000 MW plant in Barangay Baquioen, Sual. On April 23, the sangguniang bayan unanimously adopted Resolution No. 025-2018 and was immediately approved by Mayor Dominador Arenas the following day.

The document states: “measures to mitigate the expected environmental effects most especially the ill effects to the health of the people have not been properly established” making the project unacceptable.

It also underscored the significant contribution of coal-powered plants to climate change noting that such plants are “responsible for the realease of over 85% of global carbon dioxide emission.”

Town officials believe that one of its barangay, Tobuan, which is two kilometers away from the site will be “affected by the ash flow and other metallic elements” depleting its marine resources. The village, according to them, is highly dependent on fishing.
Also stated are concerns over the possible impact of coal plant pollution to the tourism industry, fishing and agriculture.

Authors of the resolution took note that “there are alternative ways to generate energy,” underscoring recent projects tapping “wind, solar and bio-energy”.

It further said, “project proponent can engage in business without sacrificing the environment and the health and livelihood of the people.”

The resolution urged the leadership of the province to “undertake a thorough study on the alternative and renewable energy.”

Environmental groups in the Ilocos region have expressed opposition to the project. They said investors and the local government present “half-truths” about the project and emphasized that “town and communities will be at the losing end” if the project pushes through.

South Korean energy giant Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) is the proponent of the project. Sual is currently the location of the country’s biggest coal-fired plant operated by Team Energy.#


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