Gadon badmouths Sereno supporters, IBP


BAGUIO CITY — The man who filed the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno bad mouthed Sereno’s supporters and the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) on April 10.

Lawyer Larry Gadon hurled expletives and a dirty finger at members of the multisectoral groups Coalition for Justice (CFJ) and Movement Against Tyranny (MAT). The groups were picketing at the road entrance to the Supreme Court (SC) summer courthouse on the said day when the oral arguments regarding the quo warranto petition filed against Sereno was scheduled.

Gadon said he was in Baguio SC to submit his opinion regarding the quo warranto plea of Solicitor General Jose Calida. He claimed that the pro-Sereno group were the first to curse him.

Angry Gadon called the protesters “bobo” and “tanga”, and included the IBP in his rant.

“Isa pa yang IBP na yan. Ibig sabihin iko-condone nila ang fraud, anong klase kayong mga abogo ha, mga IBP? Mayroong fraud dito and yet kakampi pa kayo kay Sereno, nasaan ang pagiging abogado nyo? Mahiya kayo sa mga sarili nyo!” said Sereno’s accuser.

Gadon further said a quo warranto petition was “better” than an impeachment trial, saying it was a more legal process of removing Sereno instead of an impeachment that relies on political color. “I like the quo warranto process because it is pure legal and without a trace of political color,” he said.

Gadon said the a quo warranto petition can be filed against any appointed or elected government officials with questionable qualifications. He said the evidence for the quo warranto petition was only discovered during the impeachement hearing last February.

Gadon also said that the President can invalidate the appointment of the chief justice “through the power of Office of the President”. He said President Duterte has not done so because there is an existing impeachement case and quo waranto complaint.

But Atty. Domingo Cayosa, IBP vice chair in a separate interview said that impeachable officals sould not be removed from office through a quo warranto petition as stated in the Consitution. He added that there is already juris prudence on the said matter.

“The Constitution provides that no less than the people through their representatives in congress can remove them (impeachable officials) through a two thirds vote,” Cayosa said.

Cayosa explained that the impeachment provisions were placed in the Constitution ensures stability in government.

Impeachable officials include the President, vice president and justices among others.

Pastor Caloy Diño of the CFJ called on the SC justices to uphold the Constitution and junk the quo warranto petition agaisnt Sereno when he talked at the picket line. He said that the impeachement proceedings should push through as provided by law.

“If the Supreme Court which metes out justice has stopped being just then we are in trouble,” said Diño. #



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