Throwback Martial Law? No, we are fighting back


BAGUIO CITY — Youth groups, led by the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) Baguio-Benguet, staged a 1970s-themed protest action last Jan 29 at Peoples Park to commemorate the First Quarter Storm (FQS) and condemn the “looming dictatorship” of the Duterte regime.

LEARNING FROM HISTORY. Youth groups in Baguio City staged a protest action to commemorate the first quarter storm (FQS) anniversary drawing lessons from the past toward preventing a repeat of the dark years of martial rule in the country. Photo courtesy of NUSP-BB

NUSP was founded 1958 and was the frontline youth organization, along with Kabataang Makabayan (KM), that broke the historic January 26, 1970 rally that led to the series of protests now known as the FQS of 1970.

“Today, we commemorate a historic period that showed the world the strength of the student and youth movement in the country that started with a rally against Ferdinand Marcos’ attempt to forward constitutional changes which essentially aimed to monopolize bureaucratic political power,” NUSP Baguio-Benguet spokesperson Paul Soriano said.

The group of protesters also argued that the ongoing constitutional assembly and the Duterte administration’s agenda of pushing charter change is no different from the “tactics” played by the then-President Marcos.

“Duterte and his cronies are putting up their effort to replicate and resurrect a Marcosian rule.  As we see rampant killings with more than 13,000 cases of extra judicial killings, the harassment and repression of the media’s freedom of expression, the Martial Law in Mindanao, and the all-out war against the people, railroading of anti-people policies such as the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law, jeepney phaseout among others, we see no reason not to fight against this anti-people and fascist regime”, Casselle Ton, spokesperson of the Progressive Igorot for Social Action (PIGSA) said in her speech.

“We once again call on the youth and the students to unite and build the broadest alliance to condemn and rage against this fascist and anti-people administration. The youth shall march forward and keep the spirit the FQS burning, we shall never let another dictator to rule our land”, Soriano added.

Different youth groups are yet to hold a bigger protest-rally this February 23. #


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