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Baguio dad says CA’s rejection of Taguiwalo as DSWD secretary is “incomprehensible”



BAGUIO CITY — Councilor Arthur Allad-iw joined “patriotic and genuine” public servants nationwide hit the rejection of Judy Taguiwalo’s appointment to head the social welfare portfolio by the Commission of Appointments (CA), August 17.

According to the councilor, Taguiwalo’s rejection is “incomprehensible” given her “unsurpassed qualifications and uncompromising dedication”.

“The [Commission on Appointments] transgressed the rights of the Filipino people by adopting a system of votation where they – the members – are the only ones who knew who voted in favour and against,” said Allad-iw.

Members of the CA held an executive session after the hearing where majority cast their votes against Taguiwalo’s confirmation.

Allad-iw also assailed the CA’s non-disclosure of their reasons for Taguiwalo’s rejection. He said it was “contradictory” to the policies of transparency and public accountability.

“The Filipino has the right to know any information tainted with public interest, and that the CA has transgressed this basic right of the people by their so called ‘secret balloting’,” Allad-iw said. “It immediately must be rectified by Congress in favour of the right of the people to know.”

Taguiwalo, who served as the University of the Philippines Diliman’s dean for Social Welfare and Community Development, was among the select appointees by Duterte last year after being recommended by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines. # nordis.net

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