Group condemns harassment of youth in Abra


BAGUIO CITY — Anakbayan Cordillera condemned the police officers and government soldiers for harassing and threatening Regine Tadeo, a youth leader in Malibcong, Abra who went missing on July 1 while a military operation was going on. She was later found by Boliney folk on July 6.

In a statement posted on their official social media account, Anakbayan Codrillera said that on July 5, elders and community folk of Mataragan village in Malibcong appealed to the 24th IB of the Philippine Army to stop their operations so they could search for Tadeo but it fell on deaf ears.

It can be recalled that on July 2, the Cordillera police reported a firefight between members of the Philippine Army and fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA) led by a certain Alyas Payas at Sitio Tinalban, Barangay Kilong-olao, Boliney, Abra at around 3:30 PM of July 1.

Kabataan Partylist Representative Sarah Elago, on her Facebook account said that Tadeo is the vice-chairperson of Kabataan Partylist Malibcong chapter.

Elago visited Tadeo on July 7 to ensure that her parents get full custody of their daughter.

“We hope for her speedy recovery so she could continue to serve the youth and the nation,” Elago said.

According to Anakbayan Cordillera, Mataragan and Boliney elders turned over Tadeo to her father on the evening of July 6. But police officers of Abra took her from her parents with out a warrant and while in transit.

Tadeo’s mother and some human rights workers from the Cordillera Human Rights Alliance (CHRA) were able to assert with police officers to accompany her to where they were bringing her. Police officers brought her to Bangued.

On July 7, the 24th IB, Abra police and Governor Joyce Bernos insisted to take custody over Tadeo but her parents refused.

Tadeo is now at the Abra Provincial Hospital receiving treatment for minor wounds under the custody of her parents.

CHRA said the 24th IB and police continue to harass Tadeo’s family and human rights workers. CHRA condemned the army and the police for the continuing harassment and threat against Tadeo’s family and human rights workers and for claiming that they were the ones who found Tadeo when in fact they took her from her parents last July 6 without a warrant.

Meanwhile, the police, said in an earlier statement that the soldiers captured an NPA, a certain Ka Joana who sustained multiple gunshot wounds after the encounter last July 1. Ka Joana was allegedly among the NPA members who raided the Malibcong MPS on March 12. She is now confined at the Abra Provincial Hospital. #


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