Poetry: Road home


I remember you running to me when my tooth ached
It was so painful, I thought I was dying
I remember you rushing to take the first trip
When I was alone and sick

Whenever you talked about the future
You were so passionate and animated
I sincerely thought it was real
But life as always is cruel
You remember that sunrise I saw you crying?
It was my first heart break
I thought it was the end
But you worked it out
You taught me about freedom
Not through rhetorics but through action
You gave us freedom to explore the world
To learn new ideas, unlearn the old
When everybody was laughing at my decisions
I knew you were silently proud
When everybody shrieked at my assertions
I knew you were hiding your smile
I do not know which part of this cruel world that set us apart
But I hope in this winding road called life
I can find the road that bring us home together
Happy father’s day, Ama! #


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