Feminist press launches book on women anthology


BAGUIO CITY — Independent and feminist publishing house Gantala Press, launched “Danas” for the second time at the Mt. Cloud Bookshop in Casa Vallejo on April 30. It was launched here because a significant number of contributors are based in the city. The book was first launched at Uno Morato Bookstore in Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City on March 18.

THE CONTRIBUTORS. Photo by Candice Mangili

“Danas: mga pag-aakda ng babae ngayon,” is the first anthology of literary and 2D visual works published by Gantala Press. The book is a collection of women’s works depicting the experience of everyday women. The stories, poems, essays and visual works that are in the book came from women artists from different parts of the country, and different walks of life.

During the book launch, Danas editor Faye Cura said that the idea to create a feminist press is brought about by the observation that there is no existing press of such nature, at least, none that they know of. Cura was seeking a feminist literary press in 2015 to submit a collection of poems about women in hopes that it could be published.

“Maraming mga commercial at university press na naglilimbag ng mga women’s works pero walang uniquely women’s press.” said Cura.

With the help of friends who are also in favor of having a feminist press, Gantala Press was established.

Janine Dimaranan, also an editor of Danas, added that there is a need for a press that acknowledges the place of women in language and literature. There have been attempts at feminists presses, but these did not persist, so this is what the group is trying to revive.

Most of the available works on feminist writing is predominantly produced by middle-class intellectuals. They [Gantala] wanted the book to be inclusive and multi-perspective, so there are pieces from ordinary workers, etc.

Gantala Press is now working on another anthology, “Atribida.” # nordis.net


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