Baguio dads file reso against plastic, styro


BAGUIO CITY — The Committee on Health, Sanitation, Ecology and Environmental Protection of the Sangguniang Panglusod here endorsed recently an ordinance prohibiting the use of plastic bags and styrofoam by business and consumers.

Proposed Ordinance No. 0106-16 (PO 0106-16) introduced by city councilors Elaine Sembrano, Mylen Yaranon, Faustino Olowan, Leandro Yangot, Edgar Avila, Joel Alangsab, Elmer Datuin, Peter Fianza, Arthur Allad-iw, Benny Bomogao, Michael Lawana, and Vice Mayor Edison Bilog, is positioned to amend the 2007 “Plastic and Styrofoam Free Baguio Ordinance”.

According to the explanatory note introduced by the councilors, the proposed ordinance will regulate the sale, distribution, and use of plastic bags and styrofoam in the city.

“While the city has the Baguio City Paper Bag Ordinance, it has been observed that [the ordinance] had not been fully implemented,” said the explanatory note.

The said proposal expands the city’s current plastic and styrofoam ordinance by prohibiting businesses to provide plastic bags and styrofoam containers to customers purchasing goods or meals. PO 0106-16 is also positioned to mandate in school and government offices a ‘No Plastic Bag, No Styrofoam’ policy in its standard operating procedures.

Businesses and government offices are given a year to comply with the ordinance, if passed. #


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