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Editorial: Easter Sunday and the easter egg hunt



Easter falls on a spring month in the temparate zone countries and it is the season when the vegetation that disappears towards the winter season starts growing again so it is celebrated as such – a rebirth, regrowth. Thanksgiving, for a bountiful farm, more animal offspring, and warmer weather, is celebrated as blessings of the spring season.

The bunny or hare, a symbol of fertility became part of the fairytale of the easter bunny that hides colored easter eggs for the children to hunt, go find and eat at the Easter Sunday picnics. This has been adopted as part of some churches’ celebration of the “day” of Christ’s Ressurection, with the west countries’ easter egghunt and picnic as a bonding get together among congregation members.

Christ’s Ressurection, is celebrated by Christian congregations as a rebirth or renewal into a new life or a changed (from a sinful life) way of life. Today, however, this popular holiday, Holy week in the Philippines includes Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, and Easter Sunday, has morphed from a week of solemn church retreats, prayer and fasting into a most awaited vacation period to travel or go back to the provincial home or a tour abroad. It has become so commercialized. In the country where the bunny or the rabbit is no native especially one that lays eggs, local malls and shopping areas are now full of Easter eggs, Easter candies, and the Easter bunnies.

Christians celebrate Easter as the resurrection of Christ on the third day after His crucifixion. It is the oldest Christian holiday. The Church teachings say this is a time to reflect into how we lead our lives, know our strengths, recognize our short comings and rectify these for the good of the family and the wider community. Choose the lifetime example of how Jesus served His God and His people. What is important is the reason for our celebration – serving God and serving the people.

Though it may seem to be a crazy fusion of cultural – religious practices, Happy Easter Sunday to all just the same! # nordis.net

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